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The new membership application form is now online in English, Spanish and French. Please complete your survey until the end and submit your request together with your CV. 

The application will enable CEC to better understand and serve your interests and to indicate the direction and level of your proposed voluntary commitment. CEC will review your application and new members will receive a confirmation email with CEC information and a password to access the IUCN Union Portal, which allows for networking, interaction and the sharing of information across the Union. Members are kindly invited to update their profile and professional information, and complete their biography and areas of expertise.

If you would like to know more about the CEC, and the benefits and duties of membership, please visit our website and read the CEC Membership Guide.

CEC members are change management specialists, strategic communication and marketing experts, learning and capacity development practitioners, conservationists, behavioural and conservation psychologists, and educators from all sectors. We often work regionally, with universities, government ministries, NGOs and the private sector. Using the tools and methods of our professions, we promote learning and change towards conservation and sustainable development. Our vision encompasses the IUCN One Programme, with its support of the international environmental Conventions, and the promise of new partnerships for sustainability.

If you wish to contribute your professional experience as a CEC member, send an e-mail to


Membership provides access to a learning community with common goals. You will be invited to participate in activities, exchange ideas, contribute your opinions and apply your expertise. Members enjoy opportunities to advise on policy and strategy to support IUCN priorities. Member resources include a newsletter and website that facilitate knowledge exchanges and learning.

To see a list of CEC members in your region, please go to the UNION PORTAL



Showing your associations with CEC

You may show your membership in the Commission in writing as in these examples. Always include "IUCN" along with the Commission name:

  • Member of the IUCN Commission on Education and Communication (IUCN CEC)
  • Member of IUCN CEC
  • Twenty members of IUCN CEC attended the meeting

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NEWS - We encourage all members to exchange ideas, contribute opinions, apply their expertise, advise on policy and strategy to support IUCN priorities, or simply share updates about projects and programmes. Download and complete our news submission form (English), Spanish or French, and email it to

All news are shared on the news blog at and via CEC Newsletters.

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CEC Newsletter Dec 2016 - Chair's Message to Members


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