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  • Tom Milliken, Esmond Martin and Daniel Stiles Photo: Tom Milliken

    A Tribute to Esmond Bradley Martin


    Tom Milliken, TRAFFIC Elephant and Rhino Programme Officer, pays tribute to one of conservation's great unsung heroes.

  • Restoration sign in the wetlands of Alviso Marsh, Don Edwards wildlife refuge, south San Francisco bay, California Photo: ©Sundry Photography Shutterstock

    World Wetlands Day 2018: Focus on Urban Wetlands


    For the seventh year in a row, the WEF Global Risk Report placed Water Crises in its Top 5 Global Risks. Such repeated warnings have led business and policy makers to seek solutions and innovation to avert water crises. Yet solutions often lie in...

  • Cheetah Photo: Geoffroy Mauvais

    MOOCs and protected areas capacity building – where we stand


    Massive open online courses (MOOCs) are now an undeniable part of the education landscape. Their development really started to take off in 2012 and there are now over 7,000 of them mainly from European and North American universities. MOOCs are a...

  • Dr Jan Čeřovský on the Čeřovka tower in the Czech Republic Dr Jan Čeřovský on the Čeřovka tower in the Czech Republic  Photo: J. Čeřovský

    IUCN mourns the loss of eminent conservationist and former IUCN Vice President Jan ČEŘOVSKÝ


    Dr Jan Čeřovský, a leading Czech botanist and nature conservationist, and a former Vice President of IUCN, passed away on 7 September at the age of 87, having made an immense contribution to nature conservation.

  • A student following a MOOC from home A student following a MOOC from home - Un étudiant suit un MOOC depuis la maison Photo: IUCN

    Bridging the capacity development gap in Africa


    Africa’s protected areas, and the prolific wildlife that they protect, face significant and increasing threats (poaching, climate change, habitat reduction, etc.). Establishing protected areas alone does not guarantee the fulfillment of conservation...

  • Photo: IWMI/Marloes Mul

    Visual storytelling: Water Infrastructure Solutions for the Volta Basin


    WISE-UP 'Water Infrastructure Solutions from Ecosystem Services underpinning Climate Resilient Polies and Programmes' is a 4-year multidisciplinary research project that aims to demonstrate the application of natural infrastructure as a ‘nature-...

  • WCPA Steering Committee meeting in Colombia, March 2017 Photo: IUCN/Valerie Batselaere

    Setting the WCPA agenda


    The Parques Nacionales Naturales de Colombia (PNNC) hosted this year’s annual WCPA Steering Committee meeting in Cartagena, Colombia.  The meeting was the first since Kathy MacKinnon was elected Chair and focused on the Commission’s achievements and...

  • Taller  - Argentina Taller Eco-DRR, Buenos Aires, Argentina Photo: UICN América del Sur

    Representantes de siete países sudamericanos se reunieron para potenciar la gestión en Reducción de Riesgos de Desastres basada en Ecosistemas


    En la ciudad de Buenos Aires entre el 15 y 17 de marzo de 2017 se realizó el Taller Regional “Reducción de Riesgos de Desastres basada en Ecosistemas para el desarrollo sostenible: el rol de la biodiversidad”. El evento fue organizado por la UICN en el marco...

  • Photo: Maria Ana Borges

    Empowering women in water management - International Women's Day 2017


    IUCN is committed to gender equality. To support International Women's Day, the Water Programme compiled some of their most recent efforts to empower women in decisions and actions for sustainable water management.

  • Eduacación Ambiental Educación Ambiental e Interpretación en Áreas Protegidas Argentinas Photo: APN

    CEC Sur: Fortaleciendo el trabajo en Educación y Comunicación de nuestra región


    Como se hizo evidente durante el desarrollo del 2° Foro Sudamericano de Conservación en UICN (Quito 2015), tanto en el discurso de la Directora General, como en las discusiones grupales y otros espacios de análisis y propuesta, la comunicación es fundamental...


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