Commission on Environmental, Economic and Social Policy


CEESP has paused membership processes for new members until March 2017. Please contact us then to process your membership request. 

The membership of CEESP is a network of over 1400 volunteer experts who actively provide advice on the environmental, economic, social and cultural factors that affect natural resources and biological diversity. This network provides guidance and support towards effective policies and practices in environmental conservation and sustainable development. CEESP projects occur regionally and in collaboration with partners across the globe.


Why Become a Member?

As a CEESP member, your active participation is valuable to the work of the Commission. CEESP is a voluntary network and the expectation and hope is that in becoming a member you will actively contribute to the Commission. You will have the opportunity to engage in projects, to communicate your professional opinions on global issues of concern, and to share learning experiences in different fora. CEESP offers the opportunity for members to become involved in the Commission at a number of different levels:

    • Theme networks of global members interested in common issues
    • Regional networks of members from across the seven Themes
    • Contributions to CEESP  newsletters and publications
    • Contribute papers and articles to the CEESP Newsletter, Policy Matters Journal, and Occasional Papers.

How to Join

CEESP has paused membership processes for new members until March 2017. Please check this website then to process your membership request.

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