Sustainable Financing of Protected Areas - A global review of challenges and options

Discussions on Protected Area (PA) finance have formed a key agenda item during global deliberations on biodiversity conservation. Several recent international meetings have observed that insufficient investment is being made in biodiversity conservation in general and protected areas in particular, both of which play a key role in global efforts to reduce poverty and promote sustainable development.

Sustainable Financing of Protected Areas

Many efforts have been made to increase funding for PAs. A range of innovative financing mechanisms have been developed and implemented. This document aims to review and assess the status of various PA finance mechanisms, the major obstacles and opportunities for their implementation, and the potential for improvement. Part I of the report presents the background and a conceptual framework for discussing PA financing. Part II defines and describes different mechanisms for financing PAs, and reviews their strengths and weaknesses in light of real-world experiences. Part III identifies key conclusions and makes several recommendations for improving the sustainability, efficiency and effectiveness of PA financing.

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Protected Areas
Protected Areas
Protected Areas
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