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ANNEX 2 - IUCN - PD 07-11                          
Annual Target MOV YEAR VALUE NGO PERSON Real cumulative value in FY 09 & comments USG= FY10 Q1 USG FY10 Q2 USG FY10 Q3 USG FY10 Q4
Appropriate Indicators for Country team leaders (only report= on Inds for which you are both responsible according to the Ind Ref Sheet and have tasks planned to achieve the target) and the USAID Target for FY11  The target that will be achieved during this reporting year.  Should be verifiable and auditable, and should directly link to the CARPE PMP. Means of Verification.  Offers a tangible, auditable method of verifying whether or not the target has been achieved. Status of the targets before the interventi= ons (should be static over reporting years) St= andardized line-items for USAID accounting and budgeting T= asks, grouped by Activity Category, that will achieve the Benchmark.  Should be at a fine-level of detail.<= span style=3D'mso-spacerun:yes'>  &n= bsp; &n= bsp; &nb= sp; 10/= 1/09- 12/31/09 Estimated progress in % 1/1= /10-3/31/10 Estimated progress in % 4/1= /10-6/30/10 Estimated progress in % 7/1= /10-9/30/10 Estimated progress in %
Intermediate Result 2: Natural resources governance (institutions, policies, laws) strengthened Intermediate Result 2: Natural resources governance (institutions, policies, laws) strengthened &nbs= p;        
INDICATOR 1: Number of key new laws or policies for PAs, logging concessions, and CBNRM passed or old laws and policies reformed compared = with a list of recommended or promoted reforms.


  FY11: at least one new law or policy (or reform) passed ; at least 3 other new law or policy promotions= or reforms initiated.
(1) At least a draft updated environmental c= ode is validated by all relevant environmental stakeholders, notably local NGOs,international organisation, Government and parliamentarians.
( 2) A least one meeting is organised with the Minister in charge of Forestry and at least 4 meetings with Senior Staff of the same ministry a= nd 4 ONGs leader to amply discuss and lobby for the revised of the law texts of PAs which is withdrawn from adoption in parliament level for the compleme= nts.
( 3)Organise at least 4 meetings with the President of the Environmental Commission and National Component of the Parliamentary Network to lobbying for accelerate the revision and the validation of the new forest code withdrawn from governement level for insufficiencies .
Workshop / Meeting report <= /span> 2010 (1)Although the current code was adopted in 2000, recent developments have made certain articles incompatible with current sustainable management challenges (e.g low penalties that favours illegal off-takes, less involvement of local communities, etc.)
(2) The current text defining PA limits  was in  parliament level w= aiting for adoption.Recently it is retired from parliament to be completed and revised in some articles which present lacuna. 
(3) The draft updated forestry code has been elaborated, validated and tabled in governement level for adoption. Insufficiencies are noticed in = the aforesaid draft forest code.It is now returned in revision and reactualization
   Facilitate the participation of CARPE partners in keys events (seminars, workshops,meetings);                                             CARPE Savin New activity 25% 25% 25% 25%
National Steering Committee Meeting Report<= /td> 2010 Stakeholder meetings/workshops Convene a Steering Committee Meeting to pre-select potential projects for CSOs to be funded by CARPE. CARPE Savin New activity   100%    
 Environmental code Validated 2008-2011 At least 1 workshop in validated of the environment code is organized, a new environmental code is produced  in french and Kirundi: national langu= age Burundian. CARPE,OCPE, MINEEATU Savin, J.Bosco 80%   10%   10%
 Me= eting report  2009-2010 Attend  at least 4 regional meetings aim at facilitating the implementation of CARPE's S.O  CARPE Savin New activity 25% 25% 25% 25%
  2010 Organize discreetly at least 2 stakeholders meetings to facilitate discussion on forestry and environmental codes as well as law = text on PA . CARPE Savin New activity 25% 25% 25% 25%
 Re= port & photos 2010 organize a shop to sensitize the administration of Kirundo to stop  the anarchical exploitation= of the reserve of Murehe by agriculture CARPE/ AGCD Burundi Savin, Prime MAKENZE New activity   75%   25%
  2009-2011 Advocate for the updating of Burundian forestry law    CARPE, network of the parliamentarians, Savin, William, J.Bosco 20% 5% 10% 5% 5%
copy of environment code validated 2009-2011  Advocate for the validation of the environment code review draft and the elaboration of the application texts.  CARPE, network of the parliamentarians, CARPE and IUCN region= al office Savin, William, J.Bosco, Nico,Kenneth Continious activity 5% 10% 10% 10%
Draft Copy of law texts of PA updating 2009-2011 Continue to advocate for the updating of the law text concer= ning PA. CARPE,INECN,network of the parliamentarians Savin , Adelin, J.Bosco, william 80% 0% 10% 10% 10%
  2010 Advocate with other stakeholders to trace the limits of some= PAs that have not been traced CARPE, INECN Savin, Adelin Continious activity 10% 30% 30% 30%
  2009-2011 Continue to advocate for the creation of the Kibira and Nyug= we massive into landscape.  CARPE+others leaders ONGs Savin, Géoffroy, Salvator 40% 5% 5% 5% 5%
2 Newspaper articles,1 CD ROOM on television programs,internet message etc... 2010 Media/Outreach/
Regularly use the mass-media (Newspapers, TV/Radio programs, Internet, etc.) to inform various stakeholders on the implementation of C= ARPE SO. CARPE, network with journalist Sa= vin,chantal,  Patrice and other journalists. Con= tinious activity 35% 25% 20% 20%
 newspapers produced 2010 Establish parthnership with  3 newspapers (renouveau,ABP infos, umuntu lumière) and have at lea= st 1 article after each CARPE activity is produced. CAR= PE, network with journalist Savin,chantal,Bénigne, Patrice and other journalists. Con= tinious activity 25% 25% 25% 25%
 a reporting television on the 1 CD ROOM 2010 elaborate a documentary on the deterioration of the protected areas CA= RPE, RTNB,BNA, umuntu lumière Sa= vin,Elias Bizuru, Léonidas New= activity     100%  
INDICATOR 2: Numbe= r of NGO (and other civil society organizations) advocacy initiatives & activities (e.g., media articles about environmental governance issues e.= g. illegal logging, bushmeat poaching; NR court cases brought or complaints filed with appropriate government agencies).

  FY11: Several advocacy initia= tives annually planned and implemented by a network of functioning environmental NGOs (and other CSOs)
(1) An updated inventory of local NGOs/CBOs exists.
(2)Training needs for biodiversity  & forestry advocacy assessed and at least 15 people have been trained 
(3) At least 4 national NGO are trained on environmental monitoring and= to elaborate project within the framework of the CARPE/UICN SGPPM
 4) A least one training sessio= n for ecoguards and environmental police
&n= bsp; 2010 (1) Low advocacy levels for NGO / CBO
(2) Some NGO/ CBOs haven't enough knowledge on biodiversity & agroforestry, they have also low capacities to elaborate project within t= he framework of the CARPE/ IUCN SGPPM.
(3) Environment police and ecoguards have very low skills on environmen= tal laws and international convention
Data collection and
identification of the zones of restoration of the bamboos species in the National Park of Kibira  CARPE,BNA, INECN Sa= vin, Bizuru ELIAS New= activity 25% 25% 25% 25%
Report of NGO/CBO inventory at national and LS levels 2010 continue to update environmental NGOs/CBOs in Burundi, CA= RPE Sa= vin Continious activity 25% 25% 25% 25%
AR 2010 Prepare regular activity  reports on CARPE small grant activities in the country CARPE Savin Continious activity 25% 25% 25% 25%
country team meeting report 2010 Stakeholder meetings/workshops Organize 1 meetings with the network of parliament, representatives of ONGs, representatives of  governement and other stakeholders to plan activity FY 10 and eval= uate the implementation of FY 09 activity.  CARPE Savin Continious activity 100%      
 meeting report, news papers, reporting television on CD Room  2010 Create a partnership with CEFDHAC National fora  and at least 40 people from local organizations participate in 2 meeting per year to plan  and lobby on advocacy strategies/init= iatives CARPE Savin Continious activity   35% 30% 35%
news papers, meeting  report 2010 Participate in the organisation of CEFDHAC National Fora and COMIFAC activity  COMIFAC coordination + CEFDHAC National Fora Astère, Savin Con= tinious activity 25% 25% 25% 25%
News papers, meeting report 2010 By collaboration with CEFDHAC National Fora, organize a work= shop with civil society organisations involved in conservation of natural resources to discuss  the feasibi= lity to create a pressure group on sustainable forest management. CARPE, leaders ONGs, gouvernement representatives Savin New activity   50%   50%
 Training report 2009- 2010 Training/Capacity building train per year to = civil society  on the modern techniques= of management of the natural resources CAR= PE, INECN Savin, Adelin,Fofo New= activity       40%
Report of small grants 2010 T= rain environmental police and ecogards  umutwenzi, CARPE Gaspard,Savin Con= tinious activity   35% 35% 30%
Training report 2009-2011  building  ONGs capacity on techniques of concep= tion of the projects and the mobilization of funds.   CARPE Savin con= tinious activity   15% 35%  
Compilation of training report and photos  2010 Provide training  to= meet needs identified for at least  25= % organizations or CBOs   CARPE  Savin New= activity   40% 30% 30%
Field report & photos 2010 se= nsitization and education of the riparian population of the Ruvubu Park on the import= ance of the natural reserves and her implication in the management and her preservation. CARPE, umutwenzi Savin, Gaspard New activity   60% 20% 20%
Compiled report and photos of training provided 2009-2010 Pr= ovide training and awareness to the rapatriates on  the importance of the conservation of natural resources CARPE, FN CEFDHAC, INECN Savin, Adelin New= activity   15% 15% 20%
Training needs assesment report  2010  Assess local organizations training ne= eds related to forestry & biodiversity advocacy CARPE Savin Continious activity 25% 25% 25% 25%
Steering committee meeting report 2010 Implementation activity Co= llect and preselect project proposals to be submited to the national steering committee  CARPE Savin Continious activity   100%    
Report of implementation per small grant beneficiaries  2010 Co= ntinue to monitor the implementation of 3 projects funded by CARPE( Umutwenzi, AGDB, BNA). CARPE Savin Continious activity 25% 25% 25% 25%
&n= bsp;   &n= bsp;              
Intermediate Result 3: Natural Resources Monitoring Institutionalized Intermediate Result 3: Natural Resources Monitoring Institutionalized          
INDICATOR 2: Assessment of capacity of Congo Basin (African) institutions (e.g. government agencies, universities and research institutions, NGOs, regional institutions) to collect and analyze informa= tion of adequate quality for decision-making.


  FY11: Institutions monitoring forests and biodiversity are collecting and sharing information in a  region-wide GIS systems; "State = of the Congo Basin Forest" and other report are being disseminated annually= to a range of target audiences 

1) Partner with at least 6 national institut= ions to collect information on forest and biodiversity management ( INECN,IGEB= U, NGOs, Burundi University, Ministry of environment and forest, ISABU);
 2) Analyze information of adeq= uate quality to facilitate sound decision making.
Database updated on the  management natural resource  2009-2011 There is and ardent need to update data on natural ressources management. Data collection and Assessment  Support the up-dating of natural resso= urce management information ( state of national parks, state of protected area= s, state of protected natural space etc..) CARPE, INECN Savin, Adelin Continious activity 25% 25% 25% 25%
Database updated on species threatened with extinction 2009-2011 Facilitate the update of information on some endangered anim= al and timber species  CARPE, INECN, ABO Savin, Adelin, Geoffroy Continious activity 25% 25% 25% 25%
meeting report on strategy of natural resso= urce conservation 2009-2011 St= akeholder meetings/workshops in collaboration w= ith NF CEFDHAC, organize at least per year one stakeholder meeting to reflect on strategy of natural ressource conservation. CAR= PE, INECN, Staff Ministry of environnement, Head FN CEFDHAC Savin, Adelin, Geoffroy, Bernadette etc… Continious activity     100%  
Quarterly report 2009-2011 &n= bsp; P= artcipate at least in one national day dedicated on the environment to exchange informations on environmental problems.  Staff Ministry of environment  Bernadette, Astère e= tc.. continious activity 100%      
Training  report  2009-2011 Tr= aining/Capacity building Organize at least one training session per year for the civil society on GIS and database to facilitate the monitoring of biodiversity<= /td> CARPE, IGEBU, UB, INECN, Staff Ministry, head FN CEFDHAC Savin,Rénilde, Astère etc.. New activity       50%
Training report 2010   Or= ganize at least one training session per year on the conduct of the environmental assessment studies CARPE,ABEIE, UB  Savin, Bernadette, Jacqueline New activity     100%  
2 Newspapers articles, 1 TV reporting on CD room 2009-2011 Me= dia/Outreach/Sensitization  Publish at least 2 newspaper articles, 1 TV/ Radio programs on sustainable environmental management. CARPE, RTNB, journal renouveau, umuntu lumière Savin, Yollande,Bénigne, Esperance New activity 25%