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IUCN / CEC Newsletter July 2012 Issue 49

Dear CEC members,

True change can only come when you invest in strategic communication, education and capacity development, and managing knowledge so that it is freely available to all. It was heartening to hear communication and education discussed so widely at Rio+20. This was a bright spot in an event lacking the enthusiasm and results of its predecessors Rio 1992 and Johannesburg 2002. As a participant in all three conferences, I craved more leadership and vision.

In contrast, CEC members at Rio+20 continued to deliver. Pam Puntenny kept us up-to-date on activities and negotiations. At the People’s Congress, Ricardo Carvalho broadcast with his Brazilian TV crew about the country’s hopes for sustainability and its impressive grassroots commitment. Suzana Padua organized a CEC dinner in Ipanema where we remembered past accomplishments and looked at the challenges and opportunities ahead, especially in biodiversity communication. There were many CEC members in attendance at Rio+20. It was evident that we are all pro-actively pursuing the promise of change so inspirational in 1992 and so vitally important today.

With best regards,
Keith Wheeler, CEC Chair

Keith Wheeler, CEC Chair

In this Newsletter
imageView from Rio+20 by CEC's Wouter Veening
Wouter Veening, leader of the CEC Specialty Group on Environmental Security summarizes this "very rich event" and concludes with hope for the processes of dialogue, advocacy and cooperation. »

imageExamples of sustainability in Brazil's private sector
Suzana Padua, CEC Regional Vice-Chair, South America, spoke at Rio+20 on this topic. »

imageFrom a youth perspective, Rio+20 was fairly successful
CEC member Ivana Savić, Organising Partner for the Rio+20 Major Group for Children and Youth, shares her perspective on the event. »

imageView on Rio+20 education outcomes
CEC Deputy Chair Wendy Goldstein shares a link to commentary on the “education” references in the Rio+20 outcomes document. »

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imageIUCN CEC Chair’s Youth Award Winner
Vedharajan Balaji of India has been awarded the IUCN CEC Chair’s Youth Award for his outstanding work to restore coastal environments and raise awareness amongst local communities and children of the importance of coastal ecosystems.»

imagePremio UICN-CEC a material para el cambio climático
Con la participación de 24 materiales educativos provenientes de 10 paises de habla hispana, concluyó la primera convocatoria de la CEC para el reconocimiento a publicaciones de educación ambiental dirigidas a productores(as) de alimentos para una adaptación ante el cambio climático. Bolivia, a través de la Fundación Amigos de la Naturaleza (FAN), fue la ganadora.»

imageCEC member winner of 2012 IUCN Thomson Reuters Environmental Media Award
IUCN is pleased to announce that the winner of the 2012 Award is Diogo Veríssimo, a conservation biologist from Portugal with a passion for science communication. »

imageEquator Prize winners bring community-based solutions to Rio+20
Equator Prize winners from around the world brought real, community-based solutions into the conversation, reports CEC member Sean Southey, PCI-Media Impact Executive Director. »

imageVolvo Adventure award recognizes young people's environmental work
Winners of projects in Paraguay, Brazil and the United States are announced in this story from CEC member Wayne Talbot. »

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Strategic Communication
imageCommunication for conservation in Eastern Africa: New book chapter by CEC's Hesselink and Zeidler
The book 'Conservation and Sustainable Development' presents a variety of innovative approaches to influencing policy processes. Two CEC members identify common errors and ways to improve impact through communication. »

imageA model campaign comes from Pakistan for World Environment Day
Simple messages and great design are at the centre of a poster, PSA and social media campaign developed by IUCN Pakistan. »

imageFascination of Plants Day
CEC member Susanne Masters organized a display of local produce with posters providing social perspective. It was created by university students in enthobotany. »

image World Environment Day photos from Malaga
Celebracion del Día del Medio Ambiente en Málaga. »

image New iPhone app celebrates World Oceans Day
In celebration of World Oceans Day, the World Heritage Centre is launching an iPhone app. This years’ Oceans Day theme “Youth: the Next Wave for Change” inspired the World Heritage Centre to go mobile. »

image Workshop on communication for conserving migrating birds
CEC member Julien Jreissati organized this workshop, faciliated by CEC Special Advisor Frits Hesselink with Peter Paul van Kempen. See the video produced in four hours! »

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Learning for Sustainability
image “Global Workshop” Sows Seeds of Action for Sustainability Around the World
The AtKisson Group has released the final report for “Pyramid 2012”, a global workshop campaign designed to raise awareness about sustainability thinking, collaboration, and action. More than 1,000 people in 20 countries participated. »

image Regional workshop on environmental education in coastal West Africa
Rapport de l’atelier régional du PREE qui a eu lieu à Mbodiène au Sénégal en mai 2012. Report of the PREE regional workshop that took place in Mbodiene, Senegal in May 2012. »

imageUninvited Guests: Symposium on policy responses to invasive alien species in upper North America
A symposium organized by CEC member Peter Stoett focused on the threat posed by invasive alien species in North America and explored policy responses by the Canadian and American governments. »

image International Greening Education Event – Germany
Explore how biodiversity and climate issues are affecting education at this October event in Karlsruhe, Germany. »

image Become a signatory to the People’s Sustainability Treaty on Higher Education
This invitation from the Copernicus Alliance with CEC member Daniella Tilbury builds on the Rio+20 dialogues. »

image Copernicus Alliance - IAU publication on higher ed and sustainable development
CEC members Daniella Tilbury of the UK and Osamu Abe of Japan are among the contributors to this special issue magazine. »

imageNew book on “Learning for sustainability in times of accelerating change”
Arjen Wals announces the publication of a book co-edited with Peter Blaze Corcoran that features 31 chapters from authors around the world. »

imageEducation environnementale: lancement officiel d’un outil pédagogique
C’est le premier d’une série d’outils pédagogiques d’éducation environnementale que le Programme Régional d’Education Environnementale (PREE). »

imageWorld Environmental Education Congress: June 2013, Marrakesh
The seventh WEEC will be held 9-14 June 2013 in Morocco. Texte en français sous / Texto en español bajo / Testo in italiano sotto »

imageCEC members contribute to UNESCO International Biodiversity Learning Workshop
CEC members Gerald Dick, Neil Pratt, Kartikeya Sarabhai, Dominic Stucker and Wayne Talbot joined some 20 other biodiversity educators, community leaders, and policy makers in Paris. »

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image New logo selected for Intergenerational Partnership for Sustainability
Iván Onatra has won the competition for best new logo, but wait -- his design will be revealed during the IUCN World Conservation Congress. »

image Mangrove-awareness event in Palk Bay, India
Dr.Vedharajan Balaji, CEC member and Director of OMCAR Foundation, organized a mangrove exhibition in a southeast coastal village for 250 students. »

image Venezuelan youth at World Youth Congress in Brazil
Young CEC member Maria Eugenia Rinaudo shares her experience at the World Youth Congress. »

image Congreso Mundial Juvenil en Brasil
La sustentabilidad y economía verde fueron los aspectos fundamentales de discusión durante el evento enmarcado en Rio+20. »

image Go4BioDiv recognized as project of the UN Decade for Biological Diversity
The International Youth Forum Go4BioDiv is now officially recognized as a “UN Decade Project on Biological Diversity”. »

image Young CEC member co-author of Moments That Speak
CEC member Lisa Marika Jokivirta contributed to this collection of stories published by Earth Charter. »

image ‘Our Treasures at Risk’ — youth perspectives on the challenges and opportunities for our planet’s most outstanding places
To mark the 40th anniversary of the World Heritage Convention, a new publication is being released that draws on the views and experiences of young people who live and/or work in World Heritage sites. »

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Climate Change
image South African National Parks' Kudu Green School Initiative tackles climate change
The model incorporates the entire school and its surrounding community in improving livelihoods and sustainable use of resources while incorporating lifestyle choices. »

image A solstice season image from CEC member Gary Braasch
This photo of Yukon Flats NWR through light mist is part of Gary's focus on climate change. Here he provides an update on his activities. »

image Changement climatique et Adaptation des ressources en eau de la République Démocratique du Congo
En se référent aux différents modèles de simulation climatique, nous voulons montrer l’impact que peut avoir le changement climatique sur les ressources en eau en RDC à l’horizon 2100. »

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More Member News
image Social Capital in Environmental Governance: Lessons from South Africa
Kobus Muller, CEC member and Speciality Group leader for the WCLN in Southern Africa explores the role of social capital in collaborative environmental management in biodiversity conservation in the Western Cape, South Africa. »

image Revirtiendo la tradición de quemar
En La Paz (Bolivia) se festeja cada 23 de junio, una fiesta denominada, San Juan, donde se tenía la creencia que quemando cosas viejas se tendría un futuro mejor, ocasionando su episodio ambiental más crítico, por ello se lanzó la campaña –lo que vale, no se quema. »

image Biodiversity: Our Living World by CEC member Ke Chung Kim
With a focus on the state of Pennsylvania, this 20-page book defines and explores biodiversity. »

imageRecommended reading: Psychology for a Better World
This e-book is for people who believe it is worth trying to make a world in which both our species and the ecological systems we are part of can flourish. Shared by IUCN CEC Deputy Director Wendy Goldstein. »

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Congress and COP11
image Keep up with the Countdown to Congress
Updates on Korean environmental issues, the CEC Members Meeting and a link to the newsletter Coundown to Congress. »

image Launch of the IUCN @ COP11 Bulletin
The bulletin will provide regular updates for the preparation of IUCN’s participation at the 11th Meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (COP11). »

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image Call for case studies on biodiversity conservation and behaviour change
CEC member Diogo Verissimo invites you to submit an abstract by 30 September for a special issue of the online and open access journal 'Conservation Evidence'. »

image Call for nomination to the technical body of IPBES
Nominate members to the Multidisciplinary Expert Panel established as a technical advisory body of IPBES by 30 September. »

image E-Learning consultant wanted for EU ETS project by EuropeAid
ACE seeks an E-learning expert with experience in developing courses related to climate policy. »

image Southeast Asian Student Documentary Award - Call for Entries
SEADocs – The Southeast Asian Student Documentary Award is a competition to encourage the art of documentary filmmaking in the region as a platform to engage with pressing social and environmental issues. »

image WOLFoundation writing contest
WOLFoundation runs an annual competition looking for the best non-technical, English language writing on any subject related to environmental issues. »

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