April 2010 — Issue 34
IUCN / CEC Newsletter April 2010 Issue 34

Dear CEC members,

Keith Wheeler, CEC Chair
A productive CEC Steering Committee meeting in Aviemore, Scotland, yielded concrete action plans for the coming year. Also productive was the volcanic eruption beneath Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull glacier, which yeilded an ash cloud that forced airspace closures across northern Europe. Travel delays affected many CEC members, all now safely home.

Our 2010 meeting provided an opportunity for face-to-face collaboration between two groups of leaders in the Commission – Regional Vice-Chairs and our new Specialty Group Leaders. The next issue of this newsletter will include a full report of the meeting. To recap briefly, however, the group worked together April 14 to 16 to identify strategies and outcomes related to the International Year for Biodiversity, the 2012 IUCN World Conservation Congress, and how to manage conservation knowledge to achieve results for IUCN.

At this meeting, knowledge management entered into nearly every area of CEC planning. Demand for informal learning, social media, online libraries like WCLN, and the CEC web presence all require a systematic approach (and technological capacity) to manage knowledge. Questions ranged from "How can IUCN capture know-how, skills and experiences to inform conservation action?" to "How can CEC Steering Committee members exchange materials electronically?"

CEC is pushing against the limits of information technology available through IUCN. It is moving from a centralized IT structure to a decentralized yet integrated, networked system of online services. CEC is advocating for rapid innovation and adoption of networked services to support knowledge management, as part of IUCN's overall knowledge management policy and strategy.

I look forward to sharing a more complete report on specific plans and issues raised. One of my particular concerns, for example, is the need to acknowledge that demand for the expertise of CEC members is shifting away from traditional education towards strategic communication and networking, and this may call for a rebranding and even renaming of the Commission to attract the kind of members that can advance the IUCN vision.

Following the CEC Steering Committee Meeting, I joined several CEC members at the IUCN UK National Committee meeting in Edinburgh, where CEC offered a CEPA workshop on Communication, Education and Public Awareness. I would like to thank Chris Mahon and the UK Committee for extending hospitality to CEC members delayed in Scotland.

In this newsletter are the results of a survey of CEC members in South America, essential reading from Futerra Sustainability Communications, and a variety of courses and resources and calls for papers. And please take a moment to meet Grace Mwaura, a young CEC member who has been appointed as a Member of the IUCN Council.

With best regards,
Keith Wheeler, CEC Chair

News from CEC

image Recientemente, enviamos un cuestionario a los miembros de CEC de América del Sur. El objetivo fue conocer mejor las experiencias y levantar la diversidad de perfiles con los cuales contamos en nuestro grupo. De hecho, 38 miembros contestaron y los resultados fueron resumidos a seguir. A report on a membership survey from Suzana Padua of Brazil, CEC Regional Vice-Chair. »

image The IUCN Secretariat has established a procedure to address any concerns about IUCN's private sector engagement. Brad Smith, CEC Special Advisor for Private Sector Partnerships, shares a link to more information. En français ci-dessous – En español más abajo. »

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Communication / Media

imageCEC members are invited to join a new online roster of experts -- the Biodiversity Media Alliance. Help journalists find the information they need to tell our biodiversity stories. CEC member David Ainsworth extends this invitation from Mike Shanahan of IIED, International Institute for Environment and Development.»

imageLaurie Bennet of Futerra Sustainability Communications in the UK challenged CEC to "make sustainability so desireable it becomes normal." Speaking at the CEC Steering Committee meeting on 14 April, he pointed participants to Futerra publications such as "Sell the Sizzle" and "New Rules New Game."»

imageDespite the many problems posed to the world’s species by habitat loss, human activities and climate change, there are many ‘success stories’ which highlight the positive impacts of conservation action. ARKive focused on the positive in its celebration of Earth Day in April 2010. ARKive is a project of Wildscreen, headed by Harriet Nimmo, CEC Steering Committee member.»

imageThe Wildscreen Festival, the world's largest and most prestigious wildlife & environmental film festival, will be held October 2010 in Bristol, UK. Wildscreen is about 'Promoting conservation through wildlife imagery'. Harriet Nimmo, CEC Steering Committee member, is Chief Executive of Wildscreen.»

image“In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks.” John Muir's quote continues to inspire action for the environment. Awards given in his name -- a total of 100,000 thus far -- are communicated in case studies that carry the message to wider audiences. Rob Bushby, John Muir Award Manager, shared the link with CEC's Frits Hesselink. »

imageEach week CEC member Gary Braasch posts a new photo related to climate change on his website. As an environmental photojournalist, he says "My goal is to add specific images and details of ongoing effects to so that our conversation is less and less in abstract terms."»

imageA blog post on ClimateEthics.org identifies 20 questions that the US press has failed to ask opponents of proposed US climate change policies. "Can CEC members rephrase this text in simple language?" asks Frits Hesselink, CEC Special Advisor. »

imageClimate change, unsustainable development and biodiversity loss are mounting threats to life on earth and human societies. Throughout the ages, local communities have developed knowledge and tools for survival and adaptation to their environment. But as indigenous cultures, local languages and practices are eroded, so is our civilization’s resilience to new environmental challenges. »

image “The International Year of Biodiversity will be most effective if every single human being on this planet understands why biodiversity is important and has the tools to act upon saving the loss of biodiversity” says IUCN’s Director General Julia Marton-Lefèvre. »

imageCEC members Frits Hesselink and Malcolm Whitehead facilitated a five-day CEPA workshop on board a boat cruising the Sundarbans. It was strategic communication planning meeting of the Tiger Action Plan, launched by the Wildlife Trust of Bangladesh, and inspired by the CEPA Toolkit. »

Education and Training

imageUNESCO has commissioned a review of authoritative literature on processes and learning for ESD. If you have access to key documents which can inform this literature review, please send them to Daniella Tilbury, CEC Specialty Group Leader on Education for Sustainable Development. »

imageThe UPEACE Centre for Executive Education cordially invites you to be part of the upcoming course, Educating for the 21st Century. The course runs June 20-27 in San Jose, Costa Rica. From CEC member Mohit Mukerjee. »

imageIf you have an innovative learning process, and something to share, this is the place to go to interact with a very up-to-the-minute learning community -- a recommendation from Gillian Martin Mehers, CEC Specialty Group Leader. The deadline for papers is May 14.»

imageThis 3-day training course, run by CEC member Diana Pound, helps participants develop good practice skills in stakeholder participation with a focus on the better management of the natural environment. »

imageThe NAAEE photo contest on the theme "Paint Me a Picture" is accepting submissions until June 10. Also, registration opens June 1 for the NAAEE Annual Conference starting September 29 in Buffalo-Niagra, New York. CEC member Brian Day is Executive Director of NAAEE, a professional association for environmental education. »

imageDesde el RCE Bogotá, inaugurado el pasado 12 de febrero, hemos venido organizando para este año, 6 Foros Ambientales abiertos a la participación de estudiantes, docentes, investigadores y ciudadanía en general, sobre temas relativos a la “Diversidad Natural y Cultural”. El RCE Bogotá está dirigido por Olga María Bermúdez Guerrero miembro de la CEC de la UICN. »

imageKonai Helu Thaman, CEC Steering Committee member, reports on a symposium to launch the International Year of Biodiversity before an audiance of postgraduate students in the Pacific region.»

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imageFollowing Council’s decision last November to strengthen the voice of the youth in the Council to ensure that the concerns of the next generation are adequately addressed, Council approved the appointment of Ms. Grace Mwaura from Kenya until the end of Council’s term in 2012. »

imageThomas Hearing, a student who worked on a Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site (WHS) research project, has been named UK Young Scientist of the Year 2010. »

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imageA book abuot environmental education experiences in protected areas in Mexico is now available electronically. Its authors are CEC members Edgar González Gaudiano and Alicia Castillo. »

imageEncyclopedia of Earth is a new electronic reference about the Earth, its natural environments, and their interaction with society. It is a free, fully searchable collection of articles written in non-technical language by scholars, professionals, educators and experts. CEC member Mark McGinley introduces the EoE to CEC. »

imageFrom CEC Nepal National Activator Mangal Man Shakya comes the latest issue of his publication "Wildlife Times" and a report on the March meeting on CITES, Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora. Mangal's NGO launched a new book on the horn and tusk trade at the event in Doha, Qatar. »

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Member News

imageThis event in Washington DC brings together key leaders to discuss climate, energy and national security. Learn about the role of "earth observations" in measuring the planet to more effectively manage it. Nancy Colleton, CEC Specialty Group Leader, is an organizer. Sherri Goodman of CNA is a speaker.»

imageCEC member Appolinaire Oussou Lio, geographer and naturalist, reports on recent efforts to save the African manatees of Benin. His NGO lead a mission to Lake Slre to see two manatees that had travelled out of their flooded river and were later trapped in the lake by drought. The author links the event to climate change.»

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