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IUCN / CEC Newsletter December 2011 Issue 46

Dear CEC members,

The CEC team asked members to share their “Best of 2011” experiences through this December newsletter. I am encouraged by all of this good news and delighted to showcase your successes and conservation results. As I look back on the year, I must extend my thanks again to the many CEC members who contributed to strategic communication sessions during the Regional and Sub-regional Capacity Building Workshops on National Biodiversity Strategies and Action Plans. I also point with pride to the contribution of the CEC Young Professionals Leadership Team in nurturing a growing youth movement inside IUCN. CEC also engaged young people at the World Scout Jamboree, where Rod Abson helped to coordinate 1,000 person-hours of IUCN environmental education. Click here to read more about the events of 2011 in the CEC annual report.

The focus of the coming year will be the IUCN World Conservation Congress, to be held in Jeju, Korea, in September 2012. There will be a CEC all members meeting on September 6th (more information will be forth coming after the New Year). CEC members will participate in person and in spirit as the IUCN Council is elected and the world conservation community gathers at the Forum for debates, workshops and exhibitions. It’s also when CEC presents its new direction for 2013-2016. A strategic plan and mandate will be circulated in early 2012, drafted by the CEC Steering Committee with a great deal of input from CEC members in all parts of the world. Although Congress marks the end of my term as CEC Chair, I look forward to many years of active involvement with IUCN and CEC in the future.

As we look ahead to the New Year, I would like to thank you for all that you do on behalf of conservation and sustainability.

With warm wishes for the happiest of holidays and a greener New Year,

Keith Wheeler, CEC Chair

Keith Wheeler, CEC Chair

In this Newsletter

News from the Commission
imageCEC Steering Committee Annual Meeting: Look to the future
Members of the CEC Steering Committee met in Hungary to consider a strategic plan to guide CEC into the future. CEC focal point Rod Abson shares this report. »

imageJoin a CEC team for input on the IUCN Programme - Teams are forming now!
This is a great time to share your skills with IUCN. CEC is eager to create small volunteer groups to work on specific IUCN programme areas. Take the skills survey today! (espagnol et en français ci-dessous) »

imageCEC Chair speaks on media messages at Asia-Pacific Forestry Week
CEC's Keith Wheeler and Frits Hesselink added an interactive element to a plenary session on communicating forestry at the APFW in Beijing. »

imageDinner with a Dinosaur – Love Not Loss at the International Green Awards
CEC's popular video on communicating biodiversity was shortlisted in the best audio visual category. Laurie Bennet, Rod Abson and Jeremy Bristow (see photo) represented CEC at the November event. »

imageWorkshop in Hungary on 'learning to change for sustainability'
Katalin Czippán, CEC Regional Vice-Chair for Europe, reports on a workshop focused on higher education and strategic communication for sustainability. »

imagePremio UICN-CEC al material en español para al cambio climático
Se abre la convocatoria a las Publicaciones de Educación Ambiental en Español el tema de adaptación al cambio climático. »

imageReport on a Survey of CEC Members
More than 200 CEC members participated in this survey to shape the Commission's programme for 2013-2016. CEC Chair Keith Wheeler shares the report prepared by CEC Deputy Chair Wendy Goldstein and Richard Horsfield of Macquarie University. »

imageCross-Commission survey adds youth perspective to draft IUCN Programme
The Task Force on Intergenerational Partnership for Sustainability presents the results of a survey on the draft IUCN Programme, including recommendations on youth engagement and intergenerational partnership. »

imageCEC Annual Report 2011
From IUCN Regional Conservation Fora to national-level CEPA workshops on communicating biodiversity, CEC members took their expertise on the road in 2011. »

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CEPA Workshops for NBSAPS
imageCentral Asia CEPA workshop for national biodiversity focal points
CEC member Tina Trampus introduced the tools, methods and positive messages of Communication, Education and Public Awareness to CBD focal points in Central Asia. »

imageMesoamerica CEPA workshop for biodiversity action plans
CEC member Tania Moreno delivered a CEPA presentation at the recent CBD Regional Workshop for Mesoamerica on Updating NBSAPs. »

imageFacilitating a Caribbean CEPA session on biodiversity action plans
Carlette Falloon shares her experience at a Grenada workshop for National Biodiversity Strategies and Action Plans. She ran a 45-minute session on Communication, Education and Public Awareness. »

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CEC Specialty Groups
imageBright idea for a greener future: Solar Decathlon house
Designed and constructed by college students, this project inspires with lessons for energy, a greener economy and leadership for sustainability. CEC member Jack Byrne describes an exciting day at the house. »

imageClimate change, conflict and migration: The water context
A recent symposium featured Wouter Veening, CEC Specialty Group Leader for Environmental Security, as panel moderator. Frits Hesselink, CEC Special Advisor, also participated in this September event in The Hague. »

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Strategic Communication
imageConservation is not about nature
CEC member Dr Joe Zammit-Lucia argues that if conservationists are to maintain and accelerate their success they need to shift their focus from nature to people. »

imagetvmeio ambiente (the environmental television)
From Brazil, Environment TV is an internet television and the first news provider to prioritize the careful collection of information and news about sustainability and the environment. »

imageStories, Sizzle, Salience and Social Proof - Futerra's keynote video
How can creative communications deliver on behaviour change? This punchy speech by Ed Gillespie packs an enormous amount of cumulative Futerra insight into 14 short minutes. »

imageIberclima conciencia a 20.000 personas sobre los efectos del cambio climático
Más de 20.000 personas se acercaron a la problemática del cambio climático en España gracias al Proyecto Iberclima. »

imageLe programme européen Mr.Goodfish
Le programme européen de consommation durable des produits de la mer Mr.Goodfish fête ses 18 mois ! »

imageWildlife and media reporting workshop held in Madurai
Dr. S. Nagarathinam, CEC member, organized a November workshop on Wildlife, Nature Conservation and Media Reporting at Madurai Kamraj University. »

imageZoo visitors learn to care about ape survival
CEC members in the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA) educated zoo visitors about the threats that apes face and how people can contribute to their survival. EAZA will be collaborating with the IUCN Species Survival Commission in 2012. »

imagePredators and biodiversity in North America
CEC member Ron DeArmond communicates the need for biodiversity that will allow predator species their proper place in North American ecosystems. »

imageIUCN joins Green Spider Network
IUCN has recently become part of the Green Spider Network which joins communicators from all corners of the European Union. »

imageKhaled Bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation
Aerial surveys and satellite imagery are used by the Khaled Bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation, based in the United States. CEC member Dr. Abdulaziz Abuzinada provides this summary of accomplishments. »

imageDo the green thing - TedTalk uses humour
Andy Hobsbawm and James Alexander discuss a fresh ad campaign about going green -- and some of the fringe benefits. Shared by Wendy Goldstein, CEC Deputy Director, and LIzzie Crudgington, CEC member. »

imageWhat if we change? Launching an interactive documentary
This coming Wednesday, IUCN Netherlands lauches the campaign "What if we change?" Imke Gilsing invites CEC members to view the video clip and learn more about this documentary project. »

imageCultivating lac resin: Documentary film by CEC member Samik Gupta
The West Bengal filmmaker focused his 25th film on the income-generating cultivation of lac resin (shellac) in Purulia district. "India should go for a green economy," he says. »

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Education and Training
imageChina's BELL course helps to cultivate green leaders
CEC member JIA Feng integrates sustainability into university curriculum with the course Business, Environment, Learning and Leadership. BELL marked its 10th year with a student research project on water policy. »

imageCurso: Las Áreas Protegidas Costero Marinas Argentinas y su biodiversidad
El pasado sábado 22 de noviembre, finalizó en Puerto Madryn, Chubut, Argentina, el curso de capacitación docente organizado por la Fundación Patagonia Natural. »

imageLearning about biodiversity in Bristol
In this article Biodiversity Education Officer, Mandy Leivers, explains why 2011 has been a hugely successful year for the Avon Gorge and Downs Wildlife Project’s education programme. »

imageEthiopia's Movement for Ecological Learning and Community Action
MELCA works for a healthy ecosystem, vibrant culture and improved lives of communities. CEC member Million Belay shares success stories from the Suba-Sebeta and Sheka communities, where livelihood improvements are protecting fragile forests. »

imageEducación para conservar las islas de México libres de especies invasoras
Como parte de la restauración de Isla Isabel, realizamos actividades de educación ambiental que involucraron a los niños y jóvenes de la región. »

imageCEEPAL hosts 'novel green picnic' for students in Pakistan
Students, teachers and environmental club leaders from 28 CEEPAL member schools enjoyed an eco-friendly day of participatory learning at a local park. »

imageTiere Live project promotes biodiversity education
A conference in March 2012 will share the Tiere Live approach to environmental education, with its focus on animals, children and schools. Katalin Czippan, CEC Regional Vice Chair for Europe, will participate. »

image9 million listeners reached with conservation messages
9 million listeners in 16 countries receive weekly messages about how to promote conservation in their communities through a project of PCI-Media Impact, headed by CEC member Sean Southey. »

imageConservation Leadership Masters Program
Conservation Leadership Through Learning is a new 24-month Master of Science degree offered jointly by two schools in the United States and Mexico. »

imageMayor atención a los periodistas
Cada vez el desempeño periodístico cumplirá un papel más importante en la preparación de las comunidades, como protagonistas de la construcción de sociedades más justas, equitativas, participativas y racionales. »

imageConsultant wanted for E-learning study in West Africa
IUCN PAPCO is conducting a feasibility study on distance learning for protected areas professionals. Apply by 31 January 2012. (Recherche d’un consultant pour effectuer une étude de faisabilité.) »

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More News from CEC Members
imageClimate change adaptation using traditional knowledge
Water management from rivulets is an example of adaptation to address drought, writes CEC member Pradip Dey of India. »

imageRed-listing crops as a tool in adaptation strategies
CEC member Maria-Mihaela Antofie of Romania was involved in developing a methodology based on IUCN categories to preserve food security under climate change. »

imageLa Nature et Nous: Les ressources le Delta Intérieur du Niger
Sais-tu qu’il est considéré, sur le plan international, comme l’une des zones humides les plus importantes de la planète ? »

imageApiculture comme vecteur pour la conscientisation environnementale
GARARNI - ONG a identifié des chasseurs de miel pour les initier en techniques d’apiculture moderne et à la fabrication de la ruche à rayons fixes en tôle afin de réduire les pressions exercées sur les ressources naturelles. »

imageBiopesticides et organiques en République du Bénin
Membre du CEC Mr Comlan GBONGBOUI à travers l’ONG GOERT a initié la technique de production de légume à base de l’utilisation des produits biopesticides et organiques. »

image¿Por qué blog?
Porque es una manera de comunicarse que es muy utilizada en la web: Educación Ambiental y Concientización urbana. "Que el consumo…no nos consuma…" »

imageWorking to preserve the East African greenheart: An interview
CEC member Yvonne Otieno interviews Dr. Alice Muchugi about warburgia ugandensis, an important medicinal tree species. »

imageEcotourism in Nepal – Visiting an elephant sanctuary
CEC member Yvonne Otieno describes her experience in Chitwan National Park. »

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Resources and Publications
imageNew UN facility on sustainable development opens in Republic of Korea
CEC member Alan AtKisson is engaged in creating this new United Nations training and research facility for sustainable development. »

imageWildlife Times of Nepal is now online
CEC member Mangal Man Shakya shares the latest issues of his magazine. »

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Awards and Contests
imageCEC member wins CLIMATE 2011 Best Paper Award
How do India, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Pakistan engage in addressing environmental severity induced by climate change? CEC member Medani Bhadari uses a global and regional comparative matrix in his award-winning paper. »

imageNew fund promotes innovation in climate change & development
How do India, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Pakistan engage in addressing The Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN) is offering £1.1 million in funding to support projects and research that advance climate-compatible development strategies, access to climate finance, and resilience. Apply by 28 October. »

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imageAustralian youth environmental leadership congress
YOUth LEADing the World is a three-day youth environmental leadership congress conducted simultaneously in multiple locations, connected by digital media. »

imageBIOME 1, 2 and 3: National biodiversity meetings in Philippines
CEC member Dr. Jimmy Masagca is organizing the third national science meetings on biodiversity and climate change, held on the rural and remote island of Catanduanes. »

imageNatural Connections Conference 2012
Achieving more with less across rural and urban landscapes. A conference hosted by CEC member Diana Pound of dialogue matters. »

imageJoin Pyramid 2012 global workshop event for Rio+20
It’s an international happening. Hundreds of groups around the world — from schools, universities, businesses, communities, you-name-it — will all be doing Pyramid workshops at roughly the same time. CEC member Alan AtKisson invites you to join! »

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Upcoming Events
World Conservation Congress
IUCN's most important conservation event will take place 6 to 15 September 2012 in Jeju, Republic of Korea.
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