June 2010 — Issue 36
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IUCN / CEC Newsletter June 2010 Issue 36

Dear CEC members,

Keith Wheeler, CEC Chair
Two dozen stories in this June newsletter represent the wide range of CEC members' interests and activities. CEC members in France send news of lively campaigns to mobilize action for biodiversity conservation, two CEC Regional Vice-Chairs share a report on their North African CEPA workshop in Morocco, and a new member from Guinée Bissau shares highlights from a celebration of the International Day for Biological Diversity. Also in this issue, I am pleased to introduce Rod Abson, the new IUCN Science and Learning Officer and CEC focal point, who will be working closely with Sue Mainka, Cecilia Nizzola-Tabja and Wendy Price at IUCN in Gland, Switzerland.

CEC's e-newsletter is now a monthly publication and your news items are always appreciated. In addition, I would like to make a special request : A call for submissions to showcase "best practices". "Best Practices" will be the theme of our August issue. I invite all CEC members to submit brief summaries of activities that showcase effective uses of communication, learning and knowledge management related to conservation and sustainability. In one page, 400 words, summarize the strategic intent of your activity, describe the process, and define the result. Kindly submit the CEC News Form before 1 August 2010. We will post the mini case studies on the CEC website. CEC members are always curious about the activities of our peers worldwide and, with our diverse and dynamic global membership, I look forward to your responses to this call for submissions.

With best regards,
Keith Wheeler, CEC Chair

New Member of CEC Team

Introducing Rod Abson, IUCN Science and Learning Officer and CEC Focal Point
CEC is pleased to introduce Rod Abson, the new Science and Learning Officer and CEC focal point, based at IUCN headquarters in Gland, Switzerland. "He will make a wonderful addition to our HQ team for CEC.," says Keith Wheeler, CEC Chair »


La Guinée Bissau à l’occasion de la Journée Mondiale de la Biodiversité
La Guinée Bissau a décidé de célébrer sa biodiversité unique à l’occasion de la Journée Mondiale de la Biodiversité, le 22 mai. Par Fréderic Airaud, membre de la CEC et Chargé de Programme UICN Guinée Bissau. »

La Biodiversité c'est ma nature
A l’occasion de l’année internationale de la biodiversité, rejoignez tous ceux qui souhaitent que la prise en compte de la biodiversité devienne une grande cause partagée : mobilisez-vous et devenez un relais de la campagne "La biodiversité c’est ma nature." »

Plus de 10 000 jeunes marchent pour la solidarité internationale
Le 14 mai 2010, pour célébrer la 40e Marche 2/3, plus de 10 000 jeunes ont exécuté une chorégraphie engagée au Parc La Fontaine de Montréal. Ils ont voulu lancer un appel fort aux dirigeants mondiaux qui se réunissent pour les sommets du G8 et du G20 en juin 2010 au Canada. Monique Trudel, membre de la CEC en faisaient parti. »

New Short Film on Europe's Zoos and Aquariums
EAZA, representing more than 300 of Europe’s best zoos and aquariums, has released a short film highlighting the in situ conservation work done by its members. Zoos have knowledge and expertise that’s crucial in the fight to save biodiversity. From CEC member Eoghan O’Sullivan, Communications and Membership Manager, EAZA. »

YEAF for Youth Celebrates World Environment Day
Youth Awareness Environmental Forum (YAEF/Nepal) is a community based non-profit media membership organization. CEC member Dr. Astaman Kisee Maharjan shares this report of YAEF's activities to mark World Environment Day in 2010. »

Information sur la Plateforme d'écovolontariat
La Plateforme d'Ecovolontariat avance à grand pas. Vous pouvez dès aujourd'hui nous rejoindre et contribuer au développement de l'Ecovolontariat en France et dans les DOM- COM ! Par Florence Clap de la Commission Éducation et Communication et UICN Comité français. »

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Climate Change

Climate, Energy and National Security: Keynote Remarks by Wouter Veening
CEC Specialty Group Leader Wouter Veening, President, Institute for Environmental Security, recently delivered the keynote address at the June 9, 2010 Forum on Earth Observations in Washington, D.C. »

Professional Updating on Climate Change Policy: Survey Results
The results of a web survey on "Professional Updating Initiative on Climate Change Policy" are shared by CEC members and IUCN staff including Frits Hesselink, Jack Byrne, Ninni Ikkala and Claire Parker. »

Fellowship from Climate Change Media Partnership
Apply by 11 July 2010. The Climate Change Media Partnership is pleased to announce its fourth annual fellowship programme. We invite all journalists from the global South with an interest in climate change to apply for a 2010-11 fellowship. »

Commonwealth Climate Change Communication Conference
The “Commonwealth Climate Change Communication Conference” (C5) will be held in London, UK, 24-26 November 2010. Expressions of interest to attend the event are now being invited. Shared with CEC members by Prof. Walter Leal. »

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Strategic Communication

CEC Represented at Social Business Summit
Gillian Martin Mehers offers these reflections on the recent Social Business Summit in London. Gillian, CEC Specialty Group Leader, Learning and Leadership, represented CEC at the event about social media. »

2020 VISION - For a wilder Britain
Skip this story and go straight to great photos on the 2020 VISION website. This media collaboration combines the power of visual imagery with science and conservation knowlege. CEC members learned about the project through the IUCN UK Committee, which is a partner in 2020 VISION. »

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Education and Training

Educar y Comunicar para la Conservación y la Equidad
El Encuentro Nacional de Educación Ambiental de Uruguay fue una oportunidad bien aprovechada por la CEC-Uruguay para realizar buenos aportes al camino que la sociedad civil y las autoridades de la educación uruguaya están recorriendo para elaborar un Programa Nacional de Educación Ambiental. Hernán Sorhuet, Animador Nacional CEC - Uruguay. »

Workshop on Graphic Facilitation
Are you looking to get creative in your meetings and workshops? Do you want to engage people in new and innovative ways? This graphic facilitation workshop in BC, Canada, will be conducted by CEC member Michelle Laurie. »

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CEPA Workshops

Atelier Regional sur le Guide Practique CEPA au Maroc
Cet atelier régional a été organisé par M. Brahim Haddane, Vice-président de la CEC pour l'Afrique du Nord avec le soutien du Ministère de l'Environnement d'Espagne représenté par Mme. Susana Calvo Roy, Vice-président de la CEC pour la région de la Méditerranée. »

CEPA Workshop: Community Education for Tiger Conservation in Bangladesh
Frits Hesselink, CEC Special Advisor, shares this report on a CEPA workshop organized by the Sundarbans Tiger Project in Bangladesh. »

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Reports and Resources

Agricultural Biotechnologies in Developing Countries: A Conference Report
CEC Chair Keith Wheeler participated in the "FAO International Technical Conference on Agricultural Biotechnologies in Developing Countries” (ABDC-10) in Guadalajara, Mexico. The full report is now available in Arabic, Chinese, English, French and Spanish. »

Understanding the Changing Planet
Biodiversity and climate change feature in a recently-released report that offers 11 strategic directions for leveraging new technologies to harness the potential of geographical sciences. CEC member Nancy Colleton was a member of the National Academy of Science committee that produced the report. »

Women, Population and Climate
How do population dynamics affect greenhouse gases and climate change? Will urbanization and an ageing population help or hinder efforts to adapt to a warming world? And could better reproductive health care and improved relations between women and men make a difference in the fight against climate change? CEC member Susan Guthridge-Gould recommends this UNFPA report. »

Energizing the Future
This month’s Focus on the IUCN website has just been launched – Energizing the Future - There’s a great selection of video, podcasts, stories from the field and opinion pieces. From Brian Thomson, IUCN Global Communications. »

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Books by CEC Members

Ricardo Carvalho, miembro de la CEC de Brasil presenta su libro en portugués “O CARDEAL E O REPÓRTER” - histórias que fazem História , el 25 de mayo 2010. El libro consta de una serie de reportajes que el autor escribió entre 1977 y 1984, publicados en diferentes medios de prensa de Brasil. »

Not Your Typical Book about the Environment
Elin Kelsey from the US came to speak to IUCN at lunch time about her new book for children “Not your typical book about the Environment”. Cecilia Nizzola-Tabja and Gillian Martin Mehers attended. Listen to the IUCN interview. »

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NASA Crowns 16 Educators as Hubble 'Top Stars'
Science educators are Hubble "Top Stars" in a NASA-sponsored contest conducted by CEC member Nancy Colleton's Institute for Global Environmental Strategies. »

CEC Member Sarah Alexander Wins ACR Award
CEC member Sarah Alexander of the Keystone Center recently won an award from ACR, Association for Conflict Resolution. These awards are given in recognition of superior performance in, and outstanding contributions made to, the field of alternative dispute resolution. »

International Wetland Globes: An awards scheme
The World Wetland Network recently launched the International Wetland Globes, an awards scheme to recognise best practice and wetland restoration, and to highlight wetlands in danger. Shared with CEC by Claire Warmenbol. »

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