March 2010 — Issue 33
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Dear CEC members,

IUCN has just fixed the date for the next World Conservation Congress, to be held 6 to 15 September 2012 on Jeju Island, Republic of Korea. With this date in mind, it is time to drive the CEC strategic plan forward. Next month our Steering Committee will meet in Scotland for an in-depth session to set priorities for action before Congress in Jeju.

In this newsletter, I am pleased to introduce Sue Mainka and Wendy Price, both with significant roles in support of CEC at IUCN headquarters. I also welcome Nancy Colleton and Gillian Martin Mehers as CEC Specialty Group Leaders, and our newest National Activators. Also, join me in congratulating CEC Steering Committee members Suzana Padua and Arturo Curiel on winning awards for their professional accomplishments on behalf of conservation and sustainability.

Keith Wheeler, CEC Chair
This round-up of news from CEC members includes exciting work by photographers, filmmakers, writers, trainers and group workshop facilitators. It also offers some practical tools — Ecosystem-based Management, Compendium and "Sell the Sizzle", a guide to creating compelling climate change messages.

With best regards,
Keith Wheeler, CEC Chair

News from CEC

image Sue Mainka has been appointed Head of Science and Learning in the newly established Science and Learning Unit in IUCN. This is the new home for the Commission on Education and Communication within the IUCN Secretariat. »

image In January 2010 Wendy Price joined the IUCN Science and Learning Unit to work as Administrative Assistant to Sue Mainka, Head of Science and Learning. She will also work part-time for CEC with Cecilia Nizzola-Tabja. »

image Nancy Colleton is president of the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies and executive director of the Alliance for Earth Observations. She is leading the Commission's efforts to draw attention to exciting resources for data and information about our changing planet. »

image Gillian Martin Mehers invites CEC members to join her in a group focused on innovative informal learning processes and techniques, including the use of Web 2.0 social networking tools. The aim is to enhance professional development and increase productivity and leadership in the sustainable development field. »

image CEC National Activators have been selected in several more regions: Eastern and Southern Africa, North Africa, Europe, South and South East Asia. CEC members who have accepted this volunteer position as of March 2010 are listed here. Welcome! »

imageFélicité Mangang, Chargée de communication du Bureau UICN pour le Programme pour l’Afrique Centrale et Occidentale (PACO) nous informe sur la réunion des animateurs de la CEC d’Afrique de l’Ouest et du Centre en Sierra Leone. »

image What do CEC members want from their website? Knowledge of current trends in sustainable development communication and education is “very important” as is professional updating. A survey in December 2009 identified member priorities. »

image The IUCN Commission on Education and Communication in the ESARO region is re-establishing its work and focus. An update from CEC Regional Vice-Chair, Juliane Zeidler. »

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Awards — Congratulations!

image The Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship with the newspaper Folha de São Paulo recently recognized CEC member Suzana Padua and her husband, Claudio, for their work in the institute they founded, IPE-Instituto de Pesquisas Ecológicas. Suzana is CEC Regional Vice-Chair for South America. »

image Dr. Arturo Curiel Ballesteros, a researcher from the Centro Universitario de Ciencias Biológicas y Agropecuarias (CUCBA), University of Guadalajara (Mexico) received an award for his research work of 30 years at the CUCBA. Arturo is IUCN CEC Regional Vice-Chair for Meso America. »

image CEC member Arturo Curiel's professional accomplishments are featured in this 5 February 2010 posting as a "success story" on the website of the United States Embassy in Mexico. (In Spanish). »

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International Year of Biodiversity

image CEC members from Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam served as facilitators at a workshop co-organized by the CBD and the ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity. Cynthia Chin, Dinh Thi Minh Thu and Ronny Mustamu applied the tools and methods of CEPA - Communication and Education for Public Awareness. »

image CEC Special Advisor to the Chair, Frits Hesselink, was interviewed by two Spanish magazines, 'Correo del Sol' and 'Geo', while speaking at a conference in Madrid on biodiversity. Read his interviews in Spanish. »

image The IUCN Global Communications department is looking for footage to use in a generic B-Roll for the International Year of Biodiversity. »

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Climate Change

imageCEC member Dharman Wickremaratne reports on the success of the 18th APFEJ World Congress of Environmental Journalists. More than one hundred environmental journalists and opinion makers from 34 countries attended. »

imageA new guide explains how to develop tangible, desirable and aspirational visions of a positive low carbon future. Download "Sell the Sizzle - The New Climate Message" by Futerra. »

imageCEC member Dominic Stucker of the Sustainabililty Institute recommends the Climate Scorecard, created to visually represent progress at the Copenhagen conference on climate change. It is part of the C-ROADS analysis of climate change. »

imageCEC member Krishnendu Bose is an independent filmmaker from India. He shares his recent production, a six-minute film that puts a human face on climate change with the story of a girl from the Sunderbans area of India, impacted by rising sea levels. »

imageClimate change photographer and CEC member Gary Braasch reports on his exhibit at the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Washington DC and experience as a blogger at the Copenhangen conference. »

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Education and Training

imageProfessionals charged with promoting biodiversity in Peru gained access to tools and methods that will help them achieve results. They attended a workshop on CEPA - Communication, Education and Public Awareness offered by IUCN CEC member Marta Andelman at the Peruvian Natural Protected Areas Forum. »

imageCEC member Olga Bermúdez is director of a regional centre engaged in Education for Sustainable Development in Bogotá, Colombia. She shares news from the Centre and notes the involvement of another CEC member, Charles Hopkins of UNU and UNESCO. »

imageThis 21-minute video on climate change is part of a course on sustainable development. The video, Verdades y mentiras sobre el cambio climatico, was produced by UNED, the Spanish Distance Education Channel. It includes an interview with CEC Special Advisor Frits Hesselink. »

imageCEC member Dieter Gross reports on a survey by 111 international experts to evaluate the Bonn Declaration arising from the UNESCO World Conference on Education for Sustainable Development. »

imageCEC member Andrea Deri, an independent consultant, recommends two cutting-edge learning resources that are free of charge and directly relevant to IUCN goals. See the Ecosystem-based Management Tools Network and a knowledge management and communication software tool called Compendium. »

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Recently Published by CEC Members

imageCEC member Carlos Micilio, an urban environmental consultant, recently published an opinion piece on the psychology behind littering in Waste Management World. ¿Ha leído...? La pobreza no es excusa. Una mirada a la psicología detrás de tirar la basura (en inglés). »

imageCEC member Alok Mishra of India shares an article published in Resonance magazine about threats to the survival of the Sarus Crane. »

imageCEC member Mangal Man Shakya is editor of Wildlife TImes. The January issue from Nepal is available for download here. »

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