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IUCN / CEC Newsletter March 2012 Issue 47

Dear CEC members,

With regret, I share news that we have lost a member of the IUCN and CEC family. In February, Dr. Sue Mainka passed away after a battle with cancer. Sue was Head of the Science and Knowledge Management Unit and brought together a team providing secretariat support for CEC. I admired her commitment to promoting conservation science and leading IUCN's work in knowledge management.

All other news is good news for our Commission. Dedicated volunteers including Wendy Goldstein and Chuck Phillips are fine-tuning the next CEC Strategic Plan, aligning the plan with IUCN guidelines. They are assisted by Rod Abson, our CEC focal point and new father of a son born 22 February. In June, I will join CEC members Frits Hesselink and Brad Smith as part of the IUCN Delegation to Rio+20. There is also news about the World Conservation Congress: IUCN has just announced the candidates for IUCN Council 2013-2016, including Nancy Colleton and Juliane Zeidler for CEC Chair. Congress registration will open 12 March. CEC members working in IUCN member organizations can comment on motions using the IUCN Motions blog. For CEC members attending Congress, please note that the CEC Members meeting will be held the morning of 6 September.

The stories in this newsletter tell me that 2012 will be a year of success in sustainability communications and education. The range of topics is truly remarkable — marketing protected areas, radio, video, art, elephants, Rio+20, young people, biodiversity plans, and green centers for energy and education. Your stories are important to CEC and I look forward to many more throughout the coming year.

Keith Wheeler, CEC Chair

Keith Wheeler, CEC Chair

In this Newsletter

imageIn memory of Dr. Sue Mainka, Head of Science and Knowledge Management
Dr. Sue Mainka passed away on the 12th of February 2012 after a battle with cancer. Sue was Head of the Science and Knowledge Management Unit and brought together a team providing secretariat support for the Commission on Education and Communication.

Strategic Communication
imageCommunicating Protected Areas: CEC and WCPA join Futerra to plan marketing
A new global awareness campaign is the aim of a marking meeting organized by CEC Special Advisor Frits Hesselink and CEC member Laurie Bennet of Futerra with managers of protected areas from WCPA. »

imagePeriodismo ambiental como mirada de la realidad
Una nota que ha escrito para la Fundación Patagonia Natural por la periodista Marcela Valente, en el marco de las Jornadas Interjurisdiccionales de Comunicación Ambiental en Mar del Plata y Ushuaia. »

imageRádio web comunitaria - Programa de educacíon ambiental
«Espaço EA fora de portas» es un programa en una radio web comunitaria desde Portugal con participación de los países de lengua oficial portuguesa. »

imageTop scientists go beyond science to art and imagination
CEC member Dr. Joe Zammit-Lucia spoke on the role of art in sustainability at the American Association for the Advancement of Science's annual meeting 17 February. Here is his report »

imageRostros y saberes de mi país
Soy Nikita Shardin Flores, integrante de la Comisión de Educación y Comunicación de la UICN-Perú. Mi contribución en este año del Dragón, es continuar con la labor que inicié hace algunos años, que es el de plasmar en video los variados rostros de mi pluri-cultural país. »

imageCommunication sur la biodiversité visant l’arganier du Maroc
Notre projet est une compagne de sensibilisation et de communication sur la biodiversité visant l’arganier (Argania spinosa .L Skeels) de l’Oriental du Maroc. C’est une essence relique et endémique du Maroc. »

imageContest for best policy-briefs on environmental sciences
CEC member Barbara Livoreil announces an exhibition and contest of policy-briefs at ECCB2012, the third European Congress of Conservation Biology. Glasgow, Scotland, August 2012. »

imageMedia research on man vs. elephant conflict
CEC member Dr. S. Nagarathinam and researcher Ms. Marianne De Nazareth will be studying how the media frames man-elephant conflict and the potential impact on policy and public attitudes. »

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imageGreen Campus Guide wins international accolades
Macquarie University in Australia has created a new interactive Green Campus Guide to inspire enhanced campus participation in its vision for sustainability. »

imageEnter Conservation Education Award for "audio-visual" works
The Wildlife Society is accepting nominations for the 2012 award in the category of audio-visual works. CEC member Ron DeArmond invites submissions by March 15. »

imageEstudiantes y campesinos del altiplano juntos por las vicuñas
El grupo VICAM coordinado por Bibiana Vilá (miembro del CEC) convoco a estudiantes de agronomía y ciencias biológicas para participar en una reunión con pobladores locales y representantes indígenas para poder consensuar acciones para la conservación. »

imageEducación Ambiental RCE Bogotá 2012
Desde el Centro de Experticia y Experiencias en Educación Ambiental RCE Bogotá que dirige Olga María Bermúdez, miembro de la CEC. »

imageBiodiversity Conservation and Renewable Energy Learning Centre: Freetown, Sierra Leone
The establishment of a Biodiversity and Renewable Energy Learning Centre near West Africa’s only coastal mountain forest will expand the education on environmental issues in Sierra Leone and the Upper Guinea Forest region. »

imageGuarding Sierra Leone’s Forests with Education
This update on recent communication and education initiatives to preven deforestation of the Upper Guinean Forest region in Sierra Leone come from the Environmental Foundation for Africa, headed by CEC member Tommy Garnett. »

imageNew directions for Earth Charter International
New goals and initiatives for 2012 include the opening of a UNESCO Chair in a new LEED-certified building to house the Secretariat and the Earth Charter Center for Education for Sustainable Development. »

imageLes élèves de l'école Dar Almanahil à Tetouan, Maroc
Vous trouvez en attaché le rapport de notre activité sur la sortie du jeudi 22 Décembre 2011 avec les élèves de l'école Dar Almanahil à Tetouan, Maroc. »

imageEl fuego está en nuestras manos
Cada año la frecuencia, severidad de los incendios forestales aumenta, ocasionando una diversidad de daños. Por ello en Bolivia se desarrolla la campaña comunicacional “El fuego está en nuestras manos” de la cual presentamos para su uso la adaptación de la guía “Aprendiendo a manejar el fuego”. »

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imageMaximize the education opportunity of Rio+20
The idea of Satellite Earth Summits along the lines of the Model UN is being developed by Peace Child International with Science Po and UNESCO. Visit the Road to Rio+20 website. »

imageEgypt's Planetarium Science Centre activities for Rio+20
The Bibliotheca Alexandrina Planetarium Science Center will mark Rio+20 with a simulation of the globe and pressing sustainability issues on seven continents. Read about this and other 2012 activities. »

imageRio+20 and Biodiversity Japan
CEC members Osamu Abe, Masahiro Kawatei and Makiko Imai, with Akiko Domoto and Naoya Furuta, announce the creation of a volunteer initiative linking Rio+20 to the United Nations Decade on Biodiversity. »

imageRio+20 - Pictures of the World
CEC Deputy Director Wendy Goldstein shares a link to a creative communications tool from the organizers of the Rio+20 conference. Engage and participate!»

imageJoin Pyramid 2012 global workshop event for Rio+20
It’s an international happening. Hundreds of groups around the world — from schools, universities, businesses, communities, you-name-it — will all be doing Pyramid workshops at roughly the same time. CEC member Alan AtKisson invites you to join. »

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imageChina’s youth in action: 1000 environment-friendly ambassadors
CEC member JIA Feng shares the success story of this landmark youth environmental campaign -- the 1000 Environment-Friendly Youth Ambassadors Action programme. »

imageEstonia's student conference on sustainability marks 10th year
More than 560 students have attended the student-run WinterAcademy. In March 2012, the theme is a green economy for Estonia. CEC member Kadri Kalle reports. »

imageAfrican Young Scientists issue statement on climate change and indigenous knowledge
This Communiqué from COP 17 asserts that young people can mobilize communities to use indigenous knowledge to respond to climate change. »

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Other News from Members
imageRomania publishes third NBSAP under the CBD
This National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan is for the first time supported by a large part of the public due to a complex process of public consultation »

imageQuoting CEC's Nancy Colleton on climate change
This story from Bloomberg News quotes Nancy Colleton, leader of the CEC Specialty Group on Environmental Information. »

imageGreen Practices at Pakistan’s Institute of Rural Management
CEC member Roomi S. Hayat, CEO of the Institute of Rural Management (IRM), shares the green practices that became the secret ingredient for the evolution and success of the organization he founded. »

imageLa nature et nous - Mali
Alassane Ballo, membre de la CEC, partage son avis dans cet essai. Le patrimoine en ressources biologiques du Mali, riche et varié, est malheureusement menacé de disparition. »

imageEmerging biogas technology in rural India
CEC member Jasmine Biba reports on a WWF-India project to meet people's needs for energy while reducing pressure on fuelwood from forests and conflict with wildlife. »

imageNew CEC member uses music to teach about nature
Music is part of nature, a real existing natural force, writes Sándor Szabó of Hungary. »

imageCalendario Ambiental 2012 de la Fundación Patagonia Natural
Por décimo novena edición, la Fundación Patagonia Natural ha lanzado su calendario ambiental. 5.000 ejemplares recorrerán escuelas e instituciones de la costa argentina mostrando la belleza e informando sobre valor natural y ecosistémico de los humedales. »

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Events and Courses
imageUPEACE Executive Education celebrates one year of online courses
United Nations Mandated University for Peace‚Äôs Centre for Executive Education offers online courses to a high-impact international community. »

imageGraphic Facilitation Workshop July 18-20 Canada
Take away icons, ideas and approaches you can use immediately to engage people beyond words. Facilitated by CEC member Michelle Laurie. »

imageLa 6ème édition de la Fête de la nature
La Fête de la Nature est un événement national qui propose chaque année aux Français, de métropole et d’Outre-mer, de célébrer la nature. »

imageEAZA Conservation Forum 2012
EAZA conservation forums enable discussion of conservation messages linking integration of zoos and aquariums with aspects of field conservation and research. The next event is in May 2012 in Austria. »

imageJornadas Pedagógicas de Educação Ambiental - Portugal
A ASPEA encontra-se a preparar as suas XIX Jornadas Pedagógicas de Educação Ambiental com o tema “Aprender fora de portas: percursos de aprendizagem” a realizar de 8 a 11 de Março de 2012. »

imagePan-European CEC members! An invitation to Tiere Live workshop on children, animals and biodiversity
The Bavarian Academy for Nature Conservation (ANL) in partnership with IUCN CEC is organizing a three-day workshop in Laufen, Germany. »

imageBeyond Carbon Business Forum February 2012 in Melbourne
La Trobe University invites you to attend a Business Forum on 'Sustainable Development: Beyond Carbon' 21 February in Melbourne, Australia. »

imageVolcandpark Congress Deadline for Abstracts
The abstract presentation period for oral communications or posters will close on January 30. This is the first congress on protected volcanic areas. »

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imageAppel à candidature
Evaluation finale du Projet Régional d’Education Environnementale - PREE - Afrique de l’Ouest »

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Upcoming Events
World Conservation Congress
IUCN's most important conservation event will take place 6 to 15 September 2012 in Jeju, Republic of Korea.
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