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IUCN / CEC Newsletter May/June 2011 Issue 42

Dear CEC members,

Building resilient communities – both natural and social – is the key to finding sustainable adaptation strategies for humankind on our planet in the next decade. CEC is building on its experience in strategic communication, education, organizational learning, change management, and learning management to fit these pieces into a coherent paradigm focused on building resilience. The last key element that we are weaving into our portfolio of expertise is the area of knowledge management.

Over the past three years, CEC has added many new members with expertise in knowledge management to ensure that we have capacity to support the IUCN Programme. This rapidly evolving field that is part science, part technology and part art. In June, a meeting on the related topic of environmental intelligence was co-sponsored by CEC and chaired by the leader of the CEC Specialty Group on Environmental Information, Nancy Colleton. Experts highlighted the role of open source information in making knowledge available to decision-makers in all parts of the world.

CEC is currently developing its new strategy to support the new IUCN Programme 2013-2016. CEC is making the effort to be represented in all IUCN Regional Conservation Fora, to make sure CEC expertise is well-integrated into the Programme. This input and exchange of ideas is already shaping our focus in our planning work.

Also, if you would like to propose an event for the next World Conservation Congress, now is the time to start planning. Events typically include debates, workshops, dialogues, roundtable discussions, training courses, music and exhibitions. Instructions are on the Congress website

With best regards,
Keith Wheeler, CEC Chair

Keith Wheeler, CEC Chair

IUCN Programme
imageSeeking your feedback on the IUCN Programme
IUCN has begun an important 5 month consultation period on the new draft IUCN Programme for the period 2013 to 2016 and we seek your feedback. »

imageSolicitamos sus comentarios sobre el Programa UICN
La UICN ha comenzado un período de consulta de 5 meses del nuevo proyecto de programa de la UICN para el período 2013 a 2016 y le invitamos a enviarnos sus comentarios. »

imageParticiper à la consultation sur le Programme UICN
L'UICN a commencé une période de consultation importante de 5 mois sur le nouveau projet de Programme de l'UICN pour la période 2013 à 2016 et vos commentaires seraient les bienvenus. »

imageCall for Contributions – IUCN World Conservation Congress Forum
This Call for Contributions invites you to propose events for the Forum, the part of Congress which is open to all (from 7 to 11 September 2012) in Jeju, Korea. »

imageConvocatoria de Contribuciones para el Foro del Congreso Mundial de la Naturaleza de la UICN
Esta convocatoria es una invitación para proponer actividades para el Foro, la parte del Congreso abierta a todo el público, del 7 al 11 de septiembre de 2012. »

imageAppel à Contributions – Forum du Congrès mondial de la nature de l’UICN
Cet Appel à Contributions est une invitation à proposer des activités qui seront considérées pour le Forum, la partie publique du Congrès (du 7 au 11 septembre 2012). »

imageNature+ ...resilience... Congress theme and slogan
Nature+ is about boosting the resilience of nature – improving how quickly nature and people adapt to change. »

imageLa CEC presente en el Foro Regional de la UICN para Sudamèrica
Dentro del marco del Foro Regional de la UICN realizado en Lima, Perú, del 13 al 16 de junio, la vice-presidenta regional de la CEC para Sudamérica, Suzana Padua, aprovechó de esta oportunidad para reunir a los miembros de la CEC. »

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Communication and Facilitation
imageCommunicating the Nagoya Protocol's Access and Benefit-sharing (ABS)
A CEPA side event on "ABS Implementation and the Communication Challenge" was organized by the ABS Capacity Development Initiative for Africa with CEC, UNU and other partners at the Nagoya Protocol meeting in June. »

imageVideo in Arabic, French and Spanish: Love. Not Loss.
This popular video is now available in four languages. Screen it at your next event and start people talking about how to 'communicate biodiversity'. »

imageBill and the Creek Rubbish Monster
Communications strategies created by graduate students included products from a stop-action animation for children to a key-ring, board games and posters. From CEC member Hilary Macleod. »

imageA simple solution to combat climate change and forest loss
The BusyTrees campaign makes people aware of how agroforestry can be used to combat climate change, fight poverty and protect natural forests and biodiversity. A project of the World Agroforestry Centre. »

imageOnline Facilitation - Adapting to a Virtual Environment with Free(mium) Tools
This list of useful tips and resources for communication and facilitation are shared by CEC Special Advisor on Learning & Leadership Gillian Martin Mehers and CEC member Lizzie Crudgington. »

imageThe Island Communication Toolkit
Would you like to contribute ‘best practice’ examples of island-based communications campaigns to this forthcoming toolkit? »

imageBolivia en campaña por sus bosques y la vida
Les remito una experiencia que está en curso en Bolivia para que nos apoyen en difundirla con los miembros de la red. »

imagePromoting CEPA for National Biodiversity Strategies: Dakar
Khadire Diop, CEC National Activitator for Senegal and the Gambia, facilitated two 90-minute CEPA sessions during CBD West Africa workshops in May and June. »

imageCommunication, éducation et sensibilisation du public: Brazzaville
L’exercice ‘Le Marché de la Demande‘ lors de l’Atelier régional pour l’Afrique centrale sur la mise à jour des Stratégies et plans d’action nationaux pour la biodiversité. »

imageJoin the IUCN World Conservation Debate
Every quarter we feature an article on a key conservation issue and open up to comments from our broad audience. We hope you will take part in the discussion - your opinion matters. »

imageCheck out the 9th and 10th episodes: Viet Nam and Argentina
CEC member David Aimé is travelling around the world with David Fabrega to meet with local biodiversity heroes. While using interactive technologies, they produce micro-documentaries and photo stories. »

imageEl reporte visual “No Comamos Cuentos”
El reporte visual del Lanzamiento de la Campaña “No Comamos Cuentos” para apoyar a la disminución del consumo de carne silvestre en la Amazonía. »

imageSatellite imagery aids Galapagos Tortoise conservation
How GeoEye imagery is being used to study Galapagos tortoises on Santa Cruz Island, Ecuador. An example of conservation from space! »

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Education for Sustainable Development
imageNew website on good practices: Linking Culture, Education and Sustainability
A new website showcases projects worldwide that take innovative approaches to integrating culture components in Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). »

imageTárcoles, Costa Rica: An example from the 'Linking Culture' website
The case of the Marine Area of Responsible Artisanal Fishing of Tárcoles is one of the "good practices" featured on the new ESD website on Linking Culture, Education and Sustainability. »

imageTiere Live: Children, animals and biodiversity education
CEC's Katalin Czippan shares news of a special project with animals and children in Bavarian schools and other educational settings. A handbook featuring 64 activities is now in translation. »

imageGreen Failure: What’s Wrong With Environmental Education?
Marine conservationist Charles Saylan says educators need to go beyond rhetoric and make environmental values a central part of a public education. A recommended read from CEC Chair Keith Wheeler. »

imageStudy on ESD published in Global Environmental Research
To what extent will UNESCO's goals be realized at the end the ESD Decade? A study from a German-Japanese NGO project. »

imagePrograma Educativo en el Observatorio de Ballenas Punta Flecha
Por sexto año el Área Educación Ambiental de la Fundación Patagonia Natural organiza el Programa orientado a niños de sexto grado de Puerto Madryn, Chubut, Argentina. »

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More News from CEC Members
imageCEC National Activator speaks on women and forests in Fiji
Ms. Leba Mataitini shares news of events organized for International Women’s Day in Fiji. »

imageLa problemática ambiental de Venezuela: La visión de la Red ARA
Una asociación que agrupa a 20 organizaciones no gubernamentales ambientalistas trabajando en Venezuela realizó un trabajo de investigación sobre la realidad ambiental del país. »

imageHillside farmers ensure biodiversity in Trinidad and Tobago
The Cropper Foundation in Trinidad and Tobago is helping hillside farmers in Trinidad to manage their farms in ways that encourage high levels of biodiversity and ensure the continued provision of ecosystem services. CEC member Maurice Rawlins reports. »

imageBalkan biodiversity: Local challenges and opportunities
IUCN CEC member Aysegul Cil and Dusan Ognjanovic reflect on what local actions mean to biodiversity conservation in Western Balkan countries. »

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Knowledge Management
imageEnvironmental Intelligence topic of Forum on Earth Observations
CEC Chair Keith Wheeler attended this event in Washington D.C., noting its importance to global environmental knowledge management issues. »

imageExpanding IUCN’s science engagement for better conservation
IUCN welcomes distinguished scientists from around the world and a wide variety of disciplines to the new IUCN Science Advisory Board. »

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Awards and Competitions
imageCEC member Barbara Ehringhaus wins 'Terre de Femmes' prize
Honored for her devotion to Mont Blanc, this member of CEC and WCPA received the "Terre de Femmes" international award from the Yves Rocher Foundation. »

imageWildlife Trust of Bangladesh wins conservation award
The national Bangabandhu Award for Wildlife Conservation was presented to the Wildlife Trust of Bangladesh at a June 1st event organized by the Ministry of Environment and Forest. »

imageWeb of Life Foundation writing competition
CEC member Dr Joe Zammit-Lucia introduces his new Foundation and invites entries to its environmental writing competition. The deadline is December 2011. »

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Resources & Recommended Reading
imageTanzania and its Serengeti Highway, by Haroldo Castro
This story by CEC member Haroldo Castro was published in Brazilian EPOCA magazine. It focuses on the riches of Tanzania and the threat brought by the possible Serengeti Highway. »

imageBiodiversity Barometer
Biodiversity awareness keeps rising among consumers and business, according to UEBT's Biodiversity Barometer. Shared with CEC by David Ainsworth of the CBD Secretariat. »

imageNewsletter on REDD+ in Latin America
CEC member Carolina Hoyos shares news of the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility in Latin America and the Caribbean, with links to the REDD+ in LAC Newsletter Issue 2 / Boletin Electronico sobre REDD+ en LAC. »

imageA case for a new green politics
If there is a model within American memory of what must be done, it is the civil rights revolution of the 1960s. A recommended read from CEC Chair Keith Wheeler. »

imageWildlife Times of Nepal - June 2011
CEC member Mangal Man Shakya shares the June issue of his magazine from Nepal. »

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imageEnglish Language for Environmentalists
Environmental professionals are invited to a specialised course at Juniper Hall Field Studies Centre in Surrey, England, from 25 to 29 July 2011. »

imageSabra más, trabajar mejor
Se realizó un curso introductorio al Cambio Climático para periodistas en respuesta a la necesidad de capacitación de comunicadores detectada en Uruguay. El docente responsable fue Hernán Sorhuet, Punto Focal de la CEC-Uruguay. »

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imageVacancy: Reporter and Participatory Video Facilitator in Mali
An audiovisual storyteller is needed for an international media project to be launched in September 2011. Posted by Imke Gilsing of IUCN NL. »

imageAssessing environmental ed in Cabo Verde schools: Experts wanted
Do school curricula in Cabo Verde integrate environmental issues? Portuguese-speaking experts are needed for an assessment. »

imageRecherche des experts de l’éducation à l’environnement - Cap Vert
Pour appuyer le Réseau Education Environnementale du Cap Vert – REA, le PREE recherche deux experts lusophones pour vérifier si l’environnement et l’éducation environnementale ont bien été intégrés. »

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Coming Events
imageAbsa Kirkwood Wildlife Festival July 2011
The Absa Kirkwood Wildlife Conference and Festival in South Africa promotes wildlife conservation and attracts tens of thousands of visitors. »

imageJuly 2011: World Environmental Education Congress
The 6th World Environmental Education Congress in Brisbane, Australia, provides environmental educators with a unique opportunity to share and showcase their work with colleagues from around the world. Les inscriptions sont encore ouvertes! »

imageCEC at the World Scout Jamboree
IUCN will be taking an active part in the upcoming World Scout Jamboree in Rinkaby, Sweden, with a team of people from the Commission on Education and Communication (CEC). »

imageEducation conferences in Omoku, Nigeria, September 2011
CEC member Austin Nosiike shares this invitation to conferences focusing on technology, environment, teaching and learning. »

imageBibliotheca Alexandrina to celebrate Arab Environment Day
The Bibliotheca Alexandrina is focusing on youth for Arab Environment Day, 14 October 2011, which aims to achieve sustainable development through preservation of environment and resources. »

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