October 2010 — Issue 39
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IUCN / CEC Newsletter October 2010 Issue 38

Dear CEC members,

This newsletter shares CEC reports from Nagoya, Japan, during a benchmark meeting on biodiversity. More news will follow as we digest our experiences and outcomes of the event, where 20 targets for biodiversity were on the table. As I explored the side events in Nagoya, I found myself listening to message after message of loss, unmet commitment and at the same time a hope for a process unfolding that will save our planet's biodiversity. The side event organized by CEC was a breath of fresh air. Our CEPA side event was titled “Bringing Science to Life” and challenged traditional ways of communicating biodiversity with a message of love, not loss. CEC aired a powerful new video on the topic and engaged a standing-room only crowd of more than 100 participants.

Also in this newsletter, I am pleased to invite everyone to join CEC on Facebook and Twitter, and to use CEC’s accounts on Slideshare and Picasa. There’s a new CEC brochure about the Commission and a new CEPA brochure. You also will find reports on two CEC surveys, more stories on Youth and Young Professionals, and an intriguing variety of news from CEC members around the world. Finally, I would like to encourage CEC members to submit a story for the November newsletter that tells us how you are “communicating biodiversity”.

With best regards,
Keith Wheeler, CEC Chair
Keith Wheeler, CEC Chair

CEC @ CBD COP10 in Nagoya

New biodiversity video asks, "Are we failing to communicate?"
This video presents a new biodiversity message. It challenges communicators to talk about nature in terms that people want to listen to. The IUCN Commission on Education and Communication and the CBD Secretariat produced the video in partnership with CEC members in Wildscreen and Futerra. »

Communicating Biodiversity: Report on CEC Side Event
Today IUCN’s Commission on Education and Communication held a side event entitled ‘Bringing Science to Life’. The event was designed to challenge ‘traditional’ ways of communicating biodiversity messages. CEC member Laurie Bennett of Futerra Communications reports from Nagoya. »

Photo Slideshow of CEC Side Event in Nagoya
A slideshow with music, captions and comments was produced by CEC members Yvonne Otieno and Tania Moreno as their report on CEC's side event "Communicating Biodiversity". »

Daily Diary from Nagoya by Keith Wheeler
Wow, my jet lag is waning, and I managed to actually sleep at night. Today, I wandered through a series of side events listening to message after message of loss, unmet commitment and at the same time a hope for a process unfolding that will save our planet's biodiversity, writes Keith Wheeler, Chair of IUCN's Commission on Education and Communication. »

CEPA and Biodiversity: CEC Member Interviewed on Green TV Japan
CEC member Laurie Bennett talks about CEPA and biodiversity in this interview from the CBD COP10 in Nagoya. »

CEC News from Nagoya: View the Video!
Rod Abson, CEC Focal Point, reports that more than 100 people attended the CEC Side Event. An article and video from Laurie Bennett capture the content. Read the latest Daily Diary by Keith Wheeler, CEC Chair. »

Bringing Science to Life: CEC at CBD COP10 in Nagoya
A side event at the CEPA Fair on Wednesday 20 October is the main event for CEC during COP 10 of the Convention on Biological Diversity in October. Here is an update on CEC at Nagoya. »

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CEC Resources

New Brochure: "CEC - Powering Change for Biodiversity"
CEC, the IUCN Commission on Education and Communication, seeks to engage and inspire people to value and protect nature. A new brochure provides an overview of the Commission. »

New CEPA brochure: "Communicating Biodiversity"
CEPA has the potential to unlock global action on biodiversity conservation. This brochure explains why CEPA is a priority for the IUCN Commission on Education and Communication. »

Follow CEC via Social Networking Sites
Join the new CEC accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Slideshare and Picasa and view CEC videos on the IUCN YouTube Channel. CEC will be adding content throughout CBD COP10 in Nagoya. Sign up today. »

IUCN Science Bulletin October 2010
The IUCN Science Bulletin is a quick summary of some of the vast amount of peer-reviewed literature that relates to IUCN’s Programme. It is produced by the IUCN Science & Learning Unit, which provides the Secretariat focal point for CEC. »

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CEC Member Surveys

CEC Survey on Web Communication in Eastern and Southern Africa
CEC Regional Vice-Chair Juliane Zeidler recently conducted a survey of CEC members in Eastern and Southern Africa to explore communication options and limits, especially for Web-based networking. »

CEPA Toolkit Survey Results
Frits Hesselink, CEC Special Advisor, provides this summary report based on 144 responses to a June-August 2010 survey of CBD focal points and CEC members about their experiences when using the CEPA Toolkit and their recommendations for future use. »

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Youth and Young Professionals

Designing Workshops for Young Climate Leaders
The British Council Climate Change Programme attracts the “YouTube Generation” and nothing less than innovative, learner-centred workshops will do. CEC member Edward Kellow from LEAD International describes the LEAD approach in running a series of workshops for young climate leaders aged 18-32. »

Passing Traditional Knowledge to Youth — A New Mythology
In globalizing India, the traditional knowledge-practice-belief complex passed through generations is challenged by the younger generation. CEC member Andrea Deri asks, "Can Western scientific knowledge provide a new belief system and motivate decisions?" »

Découvrez le 3ème épisode vidéo : le savoir Inca réincarné
Découvrez le 3ème épisode vidéo ! Pommes de terre génétiquement protégées : le savoir Inca réincarné. Par les aventuriers David Aimé et David Fabrega. »

Young People from World Heritage Sites Hold Forum for COP 10
IUCN has partnered with UNESCO World Heritage Centre and GTZ for a youth event in parallel to COP10 in Nagoya. The Youth Forum Go4BioDiv — World Heritage welcomes 35 young adults from natural World Heritage sites. Tatjana Puschkarsky of IUCN reports. »

Conservation Education for Youth in Sarawak
An outreach event for youth at a Salvation Army Home in Malaysia combined talks, fun and games with a focus on wildlife, forests and conservation. CEC member Cynthia Chin conducted the event with John Mathai and Joshua Pandong of the Wildlife Conservation Society Malaysia Program. »

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More CEC Member News

ARKive Reports on IUCN Study
With photos and video, ARKive reports on the IUCN study confirming a vertebrate extinction crisis. »

Reflections on Biodiversity Post-2010 Conference
CEC member Tina Trampuš reports on the conference 'Biodiversity post-2010: Biodiversity in a changing world' held 9 September in Ghent, Belgium. Tina showcased several success stories from Europe in her presentation 'Changing Consumer Behavior'. »

Biodiversity Is My Nature - A French Campaign
Make your own biodiversity portait! You are invited to launch this campaign for biodiversity awareness in your own country. CEC member Florence Clap shares details in English, French and Spanish about this initiative of the French Committee for IUCN. »

CEC Member in Fast Company Magazine
Joe Russo, CEC member and President of ZedX in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, USA, was featured in the magazine Fast Company last month. Using GPS–enabled yield monitors, Russo creates programs that help farmers better manage their water use. »

Predator, Prey, and the People of Iowa: CEC member advances education for biodiversity
Predator, Prey, and the People of Iowa is a series of educational programs from elementary school to university level. The programs are carried out by CEC member Ron DeArmond's organization, Pella Wildlife Company. »

CEC Member Reports from Mozambique
CEC member Tomas Muacanhia of Mozambique shares a summary of activities carried out in 2010. The aim was to empower local communities in the sustainable use of natural resources. »

Join the Biodiversity Media Alliance
Calling for greater support for media coverage of biodiversity issues, IUCN, IIED and Internews are officially launching the Biodiversity Media Alliance. A press conference will be held 27 October during COP10 in Nagoya. From CEC member Mike Shanahan. »

Lessons Learned from Workshops on Water and Journalism
CEC member Douglas F. Williamson wrote a publication expanding on themes of water and journalism, drawing from the United Nations Water Decade Programme on Capacity Development’s workshops in Tehran, Iran, Cairo, Egypt, and Montevideo, Uruguay. »

2011 Thacher Environmental Research Contest for Grades 9-12
The contest challenges high school students to conduct innovative research on our changing planet using the latest geospatial tools and data. From CEC Specialty Group Leader Nancy Colleton of the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies. »

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Coming Events

World Environmental Education Congress in July 2011
The 6th World Environmental Education Congress will take place July 2011 in Brisbane, Australia. The Congress provides environmental educators with a unique opportunity to share and showcase their work with colleagues from around the world. »

WEEC Abstract Deadline Extended
The abstract submission deadline has been extended to 3 December 2010 for the World Environmental Education Congress. »

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