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IUCN / CEC Newsletter September 2011 Issue 45

Dear CEC members,

As many of you know, my term as CEC Chair comes to an end after the next IUCN World Conservation Congress. The terms of Commission Chairs and Council members are limited to two terms and, I note with regret, my allotted time concludes in September 2012.

I am deeply honored to have been the Chair of CEC, standing on the “shoulders of giants”, Denise Hamú and Frits Hesselink, who have actively counseled me over the past two terms. It has been so important to have a strong Steering Committee and active partners as my Deputy Chair over the past six years – Ana Puyol, Juanita Castaño and Wendy Goldstein. I am also very thankful to have worked with two excellent IUCN Director Generals – Julia Marton-Lefèvre and Achim Steiner. I have had the privilege of working with invaluable focal points and staff on a day-to-day basis, including Wendy Goldstein, Corli Pretorius, Gillian Martin Mehers, Rod Abson and, especially, Cecilia Nizzola-Tabja. Thank you all for helping me strengthen CEC and its role within IUCN.
Keith Wheeler, CEC Chair

It is time to nominate the next CEC Chair. I am encouraging candidates from around the globe to step forward for this challenging volunteer position. The world is changing rapidly in areas that will be central to IUCN’s work in 2013-2016, and the CEC mandate will be key to creating the impact envisioned in the new IUCN One Programme. The next Chair needs recognized leadership not only in the traditional fields of strategic communication and learning but, more importantly, in the areas of Change Management, Knowledge Management and Social Media Management.

Today, CEC has grown to nearly 1000 members from around the globe. We are playing an active role in all areas of work within IUCN and engaging with other Commissions and IUCN members. This has been one of the most challenging but rewarding volunteer assignments that I have ever taken, and I remain deeply honored that the Commission members have placed their trust in me over these past years to lead this great body. I will not be leaving the Commission or IUCN and, like my predecessors, I will actively engage with the next Chair providing advice and support where needed. I hope to see many of you in Jeju during the CEC members meeting, where we will celebrate our accomplishments and look to how we can improve the Commission to meet the challenges ahead. Meanwhile, I am working with CEC leaders to chart the course of the Commission in its next four-year strategic plan and prepare for CEC participation at Congress. If CEC members would like to propose an event for the Congress Forum – a workshop, roundtable discussion, training course or exhibition – please see the instructions at

In this newsletter, I am pleased to showcase the remarkable range of actions by CEC members in all parts of the world.

With best regards, and in anticipation of a productive and exciting year to come,

Keith Wheeler, CEC Chair

News from the Commission
imageCall for nominations for next CEC Chair
Keith Wheeler's term as CEC Chair comes to an end after the next IUCN World Conservation Congress. CEC members are invited to submit nominations for a new Chair by October 1, 2011. (français / español) »

imageCEC member Juliane Zeidler reports on IUCN Regional Conservation Forum
Dr. Juliane Zeidler, Regional Vice-Chair of the IUCN Commission on Education and Communication (CEC), shares her impressions on the first day of the Eastern and Southern Africa Regional Conservation Forum. »

imageCommission Chairs surveyed on young people's role in IUCN
More groups for young professionals and more partnership across generations are recommended. Next, review the IUCN draft programme and, for Congress, propose a workshop and a motion on diversity of generations in Council and Commissions. »

imageCEPA at the NBSAP Workshop in Quito
CEC member Ana Puyol facilitated a CEPA session at the July 2011 workshop to update and revise National Biodiversity Strategies and Action Plans (NBSAPs) for South America. »

imageCall for Contributions – IUCN World Conservation Congress Forum
This Call for Contributions invites you to propose events for the Forum, the part of Congress which is open to all (from 7 to 11 September 2012) in Jeju, Korea. »

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Strategic Communication
imageInterview: Video as a tool for scientists to go beyond jargon
All you need is a camera, computer and compelling story to tell. Jeff Morales of ScienceFilm talks about communicating science in this August 2011 interview by Susan Guthridge-Gould for IUCN CEC. »

imageImages of Animals: What they mean for conservation
A recently published academic paper on the photographic art of Dr Joe Zammit-Lucia challenges established approaches to environmental communication and education. It explores a visual culture that separates humans from nature. »

imageAlfombra verde para el cine ambiental en Bolivia
Celebrando el Año Internacional de los Bosques y como parte de la campaña “Por los bosques y la vida” la Fundación Amigos de la Naturaleza, el periódico El Deber con apoyo de varias organizaciones nacionales llevan adelante la iniciativa de organizar el Festival Internacional de Cine Verde. »

imageNature website of CEC member in India tops 175,000 hits
Only five months old, the website 'Nature Indian' provides a weekly e-newsletter and database on forests and wildlife. CEC member Samik Gupta is founder and editor. »

imageConnect-Understand-Act model engages zoo visitors in fighting extinction
We will raise awareness and inspire the community to join us in our efforts to fight extinction, write CEC member Rachel Lowry and Bronwyn Hradsky of Zoos Victoria - Australia. »

imageCaribbean radio drama builds resilience to climate change
Conservation messages about coral reefs, mangroves and forests are featured in a story-telling radio programme by My Island-My Community, a partnership of PCI-Media Impact and the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States. »

image25 tips for climate change journalists
These tips from IUCN CEC member Mike Shanahan of the Biodiversity Media Alliance are collected from his work with journalists around the world. »

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image1,000 hours of environmental education at World Scout Jamboree
IUCN ran 24 two-hour workshops for over 500 Scouts of 27 nationalities at the Global Development Village. CEC Focal Point Rod Abson shares the event report. »

imageScouting for biodiversity
What would the world be like if designed by Scouts? If you could let your imagination go wild and bring a new species to life, what would it look like? How can we make a difference in our home societies so that we live in a more harmonious world for people and nature? »

imageCEC assists CEESP to form youth leadership team
Two IUCN Commissions are working together to create a new Youth Leadership Team. Catie Burlando of CEESP and Dominic Stucker of CEC are taking the lead. »

imageYoung people needed to solve climate crisis
Five reasons why "we're in this together" are presented in a recent magazine article by two CEC members, Lisa Jokivirta and Dominic Stucker. »

imageYouth Councilor reports on 76th Council Meeting
Grace Mwaura reports on strengthening youth work in IUCN. She attended the May 2011 meeting of the IUCN Council as IUCN Youth Councilor. Grace is a member of the Commission on Education and Communication. »

imageVideo on city kids in the woods: The LEAF Program
Watch this CBS Early Show story about an environmental leadership program for high school students. Keith Wheeler, CEC Chair, shares this story from an IUCN member organization. »

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Knowledge Management
imageCreating a National Strategy for Environmental Intelligence
A recent conference brought together those who develop the technologies that monitor the Earth with those who need the information to better manage it. CEC was a cooperating partner. (Español) »

imageKnowledge Management Study for IUCN Asia Programme
What are the knowledge management needs and practices related to the IUCN Asia Region Programme? Rod Abson, CEC focal point, conducted this study. »

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More News about CEC Members in Action
imageDes mammifères marins sous haute surveillance
Blandine Mélis, membre de la CEC, facilite la sensibilisation et l’implication du grand public à l’observation des mammifères marins. Ces données complètent le travail de recherche scientifique sur les espèces. »

imageLas últimas actividades de la Asociación Ecológica del Oriente en Bolivia
Campana por el rescate de nuestros bosques, la diversida biologica, la fertilidad de neustros suelos y la seguridad alimentaira. Por Urbelinda Ferrufino, miembro de la CEC. »

imageFormando ciudadanos ambientales comunales
Propuesta de Educación para el Desarrollo Sustentable dirigida a escuelas básicas de una comuna rural de la Región del Maule en Chile. Se trata de una serie de talleres prácticos en los cuales se introduce la EDS y las distintas líneas de abordaje vinculadas al currículo escolar actual. »

imageForests for People symposium in Fiji
Konai Helu Thaman, CEC Regional Vice-Chair, was a speaker at the “Symposium on Teaching and Learning about the Value of Forests and Trees to People and Planet Earth” at the University of the South Pacific. »

imageFormation sur: « Arbre, Nature et Education »
L’an 2011 est l’année internationale des forêts. Elle coïncide avec les deuxièmes rencontres africaines (RA) des CPN qui se déroulent autour de l’arbre, l’élément principal de la forêt. »

imageProtected areas in Peru
CEC member Bertha Cecilia Garcia Cienfuegos seeks to raise awareness of protected areas in Peru. »

imageLa conservation du singe à ventre rouge une réussite au Bénin
Au Bénin, Maximin Djondo, membre de la CEC, et son équipe de BEES ONG ont réussi à faire de l’écotourisme un levier de développement dans les zones périphériques de la forêt classée de la Lama. »

imagePanel on media and environment marks World Environment Day in Croatia
CEC member Zdravko Spiric participated in a panel discussion in Zagreb on the role of media and civil society in raising awareness for sustainable development. »

imageLa zone marine protégée du Parc National d’Al Hoceima
Un travail de planification participatif a permis d’adopter un plan de zonage au sein de la partie marine du Parc National d’Al Hoceima. »

imageL'école vecteur de la sensibilisation à la protection de l'environnement
Les élèves du professeur Houssine Nibani à travers l’expression thématique de la photo, racontent le processus de gestion des conflits engendré par le projet touristique SOUANI. »

imageAu port d’Al Hoceima, les nasses seraient elles une alternative ?
Avant-gardiste Houssine Nibani a persuadé les pêcheurs palangriers du port d’Al Hoceima à reconvertir ces engins de pêches par les nasses de alfa. »

imageCEC member studies the fossa in Madagascar
For two weeks, CEC member Liza Druis participated in an expedition organized by Earthwatch, an IUCN Member. Liza is a communications officer with IUCN Europe. »

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Training / Seminars
imageDes formations liant biodiversité et coopération au développement : un apprentissage réciproque
L’Institut royal des Sciences naturelles de Belgique a organisé des formations de sensibilisation à la biodiversité pour la Direction Générale de la Coopération belge au développement. »

imageUPEACE online course: Entrepreneurship and social change
CEC member Mohit Mukherjee is the instructor for this seven-week course starting November 1 online. »

imageTwo courses by Dialogue Matters: Natural Connections and Stakeholder Participation
CEC member Diana Pound is offering a training workshop 'Good Practices in Stakeholder Participation' from November 1-3 and organizing the conference 'Natural Connections' on February 2, 2012 in London. »

imageSeminario Invirtiendo en el capital natural – Servicios ecosistémicos y desarrollo
La Fundación Patagonia Natural organiza el Seminario Invirtiendo en el capital natural – Servicios ecosistémicos y desarrollo, el 14 de septiembre. De Griselda Sessa, Miembro de la CEC. »

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Resources and Publications
imageGarrison Institute Summer 2011 Newsletter
News from an IUCN member organization with links to CEC. In this issue, "Contemplation and Education." »

imageHow many species are there? We need to know.
If we are to meet the challenges facing tomorrow's world, we need a clearer understanding of how many species underpin the structure and functioning of ecosystems, says researcher Robert May. Links to three stories are shared by Keith Wheeler, CEC Chair. »

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Awards, Contests & Calls for Submissions
imageEnter the Green Awards for Creativity in Sustainability
The International Green Awards showcases the best examples of creativity in business, citizen and government initiatives leading to sustainable outcomes. »

imageVideo contest in schools - call for submissions
“How can we build a better future together? Comment nous pouvons bâtir ensemble un avenir meilleur ? ¿Cómo podemos construir un futuro mejor? Submit video by 30 November 2011 to Earth Charter International. »

imageWanted: Stories on IUCN sustainable development projects for TV France 2
It's not too late to send in your story. The video producer is looking for projects from IUCN offices, IUCN Members AND members of IUCN Commissions - especially from North, Central and South America. »

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imageSeptember 2011: Conference to focus on learning environments in Hungary
Good practices in learning environments and school infrastructure will be presented at a September 2011 conference in Budapest. »

imageOctober 2011: International Greening Education Event
A three-day International Greening Education Event will be held 19-21 October 2011 in the green city of Karlsruhe, Germany. Shared by Katalin Czippan, CEC Regional Vice Chair for Europe. »

imageOctober 2011: Ecosystem services conference
Are CEC members enaged in any activities or initiatives concerning the assessment or valuation of ecosystem services? Please contact the IUCN Commission on Ecosystem Management. »

imageMay 2012: First Congress on Protected Volcanic Landscapes
"Volcandpark" is the first congress to be devoted to park management, awareness-raising and geotourism in protected volcanic areas. It will be held in Olot, Spain. Shared with CEC by Joseph Mallarach of WCPA. »

image2012 conference schedule: African Society for Scientific Research
Four conferences will be organized by the ASSR in collaboration with institutions and agencies across the globe. Shared with CEC by Dr. Jacinta A. Opara, Vice-President of IATEL. »

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