Los bosques cumplen un importante papel en la regulación del clima a escala global, así como en la conservación de la biodiversidad y en el mantenimiento de las comunidades a escala local. Sin embargo están, así como la gente que depende de ellos, cada vez bajo mayor presión.



  • A woman and child in a dryland ecosystem Photo: iStock 904833344

    Aligning restoration commitments could boost global land health – IUCN report


    By aligning land restoration commitments countries could bring more degraded land back to health, according to a new IUCN report launched today at the ongoing Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification in New Delhi.

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    The Restoration Tracker: an interview


    Making a pledge to the Bonn Challenge to bring landscapes under restoration is an important first step, but that may actually be the easiest part. The intertwined, complex moving parts between making that pledge and actually restoring landscapes to a...

  • hand and stone block cracking nuts on the floor Photo: IUCN / Pauline Buffle

    Cracking open a better source of oil


    Palm oil dominates the headlines, and for good reason. It’s a commodity that many of us depend on, yet it takes its toll on whole landscapes – famously triggering the destruction of diverse forests to convert into palm plantations. There is no single solution...


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Restauración del Paisaje Forestal

La Restauración del Paisaje Forestal (FLR) es un proceso continuo de recuperación de las funciones ecológicas de los bosques y de mejoramiento del bienestar humano a lo largo de paisajes forestales deforestados o degradados. FLR es más que únicamente plantar árboles, se trata de la...
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