Commission on Education and Communication

Traditional Knowledge and Community Engagement

IUCN CEC's Traditional Knowledge and Community Engagement Specialist Group protects, promotes and uses traditional knowledge and community engagement by using communication and education
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Balakrishna Pisupati Photo: IUCN Library Balakrishna  Pisupati
Specialist Group Chair


Target Group
Experts and representatives of local and indigenous communities with an interest to focus on issues of traditional knowledge, community engagement, policy and governance processes.

Strategic Goals

  1. Catalyse and support efforts at various levels to protect, promote and use traditional knowledge and community engagement in a manner it strengthens conservation and sustainable development at various levels and in forms, using communication and education as a key intervention and tool.
  2. Mainstream traditional knowledge, practices, experience and expertise into various policies and practices at global and national levels, in a manner they contribute to progressive ways of solving problems and challenges.
  3. Inspire all people, across generations, culture and geography to value nature and experience development that is fair, ethical and equitable.

Those interested in issues of community engagement, traditional knowledge, governance, natural resource management and the related.

Connections with other Commissions
All other Commisisons

Expected Products

  • Establishment of a taskforce that brings together the Chairs and Convenors of various thematic and specialist groups under IUCN Commissions to develop an integrated plan for communicating and educating stakeholders of issues related to traditional knowledge and community engagement.
  • Preparing a guidance document on the role and relevance of traditional knowledge in achieving conservation and development, with focus on SDGs and related global processes.
  • Preparing an information document for CBD COP 14 on approaches and contributions to frame the post 2020 biodiversity strategic plan.
  • Assisting  member states to prepare for a number of strategic interventions warranting inputs from the perspective of indigenous and local communities and their knowledge, practices at national, regional and global levels (such as CBD COP intersessional events, HLPF, regional meetings and others).
  • Contributing to strengthening current assessment of interventions regarding achievements made towards Aichi Biodiversity Targets 1 and 18, and
  • Assisting and lead development of thematic issues relevant to community engagement and traditional knowledge for consideration by IUCN and other stakeholders, including on legal and policy issues.
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