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On-line Communication Training

Updating professional communication skills to build capacity


Effective Communication is the key to transforming the day-to-day way that people treat the planet. It is the link between knowledge and action, between knowing and doing. More opportunities for learning are urgently needed, from accredited courses to on-the-job training. CEC wants to build capacity in communications for conservation results.

CEC offers communication skills training – and it is FREE! Learn how to plan and realize information flow so as to maximize your results.

Ask yourself: Would you change your behavior just because someone ask you to — or — because someone present facts to you? The answer is Probably not! To change behaviors take time, effort and lots of determination. In other words, it is very difficult change one’s behavior. This is where CEC comes in, in collaboration with Frogleaps. 

Frogleaps offers you the ‘know how’ about human behavior change. So if you want to strengthen your project, take a look at our free courses & tools. Jump right in, they are free to use: we want to share our lessons.

El cursos on-line gratuito está disponible en español. ¡Empieza el cursos ahora!

The courses

Strategic communication and Storytelling TOOLS to guide your actions

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