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Protected and conserved areas are the foundation of biodiversity conservation. They safeguard nature and cultural resources, improve livelihoods and drive sustainable development. 

IUCN works to establish best practices and standards that maximise the effectiveness of protected and conserved areas and advances justice and equity in conservation, including the rights of indigenous peoples and local communities. 

In its work on protected areas and conserved areas, IUCN focusses on three key areas:


  • Nature-based solutions and protected areas to improve urban biodiversity and health Photo: Pixabay/Kramarz

    Nature-based solutions and protected areas to improve urban biodiversity and health


    Biodiversity and healthy natural ecosystems offer a range of benefits to human society, including providing cleaner water, reducing flood risk and storing carbon.

  • ngorongoro crater Photo: IUCN

    Legal and Policy Reviews for Increased Recognition of ICCAs


    To address some of the constraints in achieving the Aichi targets and to contribute to Post-2020 Aichi Framework, the ICCA-GSI is undertaking legal and policy analyses in the majority of the 26 participating countries. The overall aim of this initiative is to...

  • Ranger RPPN Sesc Pantanal Photo: Luciana Tancredo

    World Ranger Day 2019, 31 July


    Today we celebrate World Ranger Day. We commemorate those rangers all over the world who have died in the course of their duties but also those who risk their lives every day at the forefront of conservation.

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