Environmental Law

Land Use

Land is playing an increasingly important role to secure social, economic, environmental and even religious rights.
Rice fields Viet Nam

Land will become the focus of intensified competition by several land users, which will be aggravated by the increasing demand for energy and food. It is important to thereby also take into account related themes, such as climate change and biodiversity and ensure that planning is used as a tool to integrate different sectors.

Planning as a tool is underused, not always embedded in solid legal frameworks or not always properly implemented. Through a combination of global reviews and in-country assessments, the ELC provides countries with advice, guidance and assistance in demonstration activities.

The ELC also engages in policy dialogues at the international level, which attempts to ensure that the  political leadership can translate recommendations into implementation and sustained action on the ground.

Currently, the ELC is working on integrating climate change and biodiversity concerns into land-use planning frameworks, including a global study assessing 16 jurisdictions and on the ground work in Colombia, Vietnam, Tanzania and Zambia through a collaboration with the regional offices.

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