Business and Biodiversity

Biodiversity indicators

Many businesses are aware of the importance of measuring their impacts and dependencies on biodiversity, but how to apply existing frameworks and tools in a business context is often a challenge.

IUCN and Oxford University are working together to clarify the spectrum of biodiversity indicator applications for business. They have developed a process to guide the development and selection of robust and relevant biodiversity indicators for business.

The aim is to help businesses seeking to clear up some of the confusion around biodiversity indicators, by providing guidance on how they can get started, ask the right questions and select existing indicators to help measure and track their biodiversity performance.

The development and use of biodiversity indicators in business: an overview builds on a suite of work focused on providing guidelines and tools specifically for business, and it is intended to contribute to the ongoing dialogue on biodiversity indicators within Europe and beyond.

The next phase of the joint collaboration between IUCN and Oxford University will focus on developing testing an approach to biodiversity indicator development applied across a range of business applications and sectors. This work represents a collective effort from academics and civil society groups to work closely with the businesses in order to integrate biodiversity into business decision-making. This work is critical in the lead up to 2020, where a new deal for nature will be set and the private sector is needed to join the collective effort to halt the loss of biodiversity.



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