PANORAMA wins IUCN “One Programme” Impact Award

Often, lessons learnt from conservation and sustainable development initiatives are not well captured and shared to inform future planning. Means and tools for practitioners to benefit from learning about similar experiences across sectors and geographies are under-developed. PANORAMA – Solutions for a Healthy Planet addresses this gap by supporting peer-learning from existing solutions, earning it the 2018 IUCN Impact Award in the “One Programme” category. 

Panorama process infographic

The IUCN Impact Award was launched to showcase the most successful or innovative projects or programmes of the year 2018. An expert panel selected the winners.

PANORAMA was recognized as a prime example of an initiative that puts into practice IUCN’s “One Programme Approach” of working as one Union, being a partnership between seven global conservation and development cooperation organizations, including IUCN Members Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) and Rare. PANORAMA is co-coordinated by the IUCN Secretariat and GIZ. IUCN Commission Members and Commission Specialist Groups for example. act as co-authors of PANORAMA publications and support quality assurance by peer-reviewing solution case studies. Different parts of the IUCN Secretariat, including regional offices, contribute learnings from their projects as “solutions”, for promotion through the PANORAMA web platform and other channels.

PANORAMA relies on a learning and knowledge management methodology labelled “Solutioning”, and the translation of this approach into a modular case study format, application through learning events and communication products, as well as a state-of-the-art web platform, which is continuously being improved.

Thanks to PANORAMA, knowledge from almost 500 conservation and sustainable development initiatives and projects in over 70 countries is accessible in a structured format. Learning and planning based on this knowledge is being facilitated. PANORAMA is principally open for contributions by any organization and individual, with the portfolio of solutions continuously growing. PANORAMA’s current, inter-linked thematic communities include “protected areas”, “marine and coastal”, “ecosystem-based adaptation”, “agriculture and biodiversity” as well as “business engagement”, with a “sustainable urban development” theme forthcoming in mid-2019.

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