Eastern and Southern Africa

The countries of eastern and southern Africa host a vast variety and abundance of the world’s biological and natural resources, including 7 of the world’s biodiversity hotspots.


Latest news

  • Bururi Forest Nature Reserve, Burundi

    Bururi: the link between heaven and earth


    The Bururi Forest Nature Reserve (RNFB) in Burundi was previously considered to be the link between heaven and earth. The ancient Burundians attached great importance to forest conservation, especially mountain forests. Several mountain forests were protected...

  • Kilombero Sugar Cane Field

    Chris Buss: On Learning Questions for the SUSTAIN Initiative


    By Chris Buss - Deputy Director of the IUCN Global Forest and Climate Change Programme, based at the IUCN Headquarters in Gland. Chris leads the programme’s contribution to SUSTAIN’s monitoring, evaluation and learning frameworks.

  • World Wetlands Day: Strengthening resilience and collaboration to reduce disaster risk


    On February 2nd the world celebrates its wetlands – complex ecosystems that provide a wide variety of services and benefits for people and nature.  Wetlands such as estuaries, mangroves, marshes, and swamps play, beyond their biological...

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