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Recognising and Inspiring Conservation Success in Natura 2000 - multimedia feature

  • Dmitry Telnov, photograph saproxylic longicorn beetle Dmitry Telnov photographing the rare and protected saproxylic longicorn beetle Ergates faber, in Latvia, 2007. Photo: R. Matrozis

    ‘Beetles selected me’: An interview with Red List assessor Dmitry Telnov


    Saproxylic beetles are beetles which depend on dead and decaying wood for at least part of their lifecycle. It is estimated that there are thousands of different saproxylic beetle species in Europe, performing a variety of significant roles within ecosystems...

  • Bluebells in Hallerbos, Belgium Photo: mj - tim photography/Shutterstock

    IUCN launches Green List for Natura 2000 stakeholder consultation


    IUCN is inviting interested stakeholders to participate in a public consultation for the ‘Green List for N2K’ project. The aim of the consultation is to collect feedback on the IUCN Green List Adapted Indicators for Natura 2000 sites. The deadline is 7 May...

  • Cyriaque Sendashonga FFA Cyriaque Sendashonga (second from right) at the Forum for the Future of Agriculture, Brussels, 27 March 2018 Photo: Marc Hall/IUCN

    Food systems depend on health of natural world, IUCN emphasises at future of farming debate


    European and global food systems will only be able to continue delivering if the natural world is in a healthy condition, IUCN’s Global Director for Policy, Cyriaque Sendashonga, said on Tuesday (27 March) during a major event in Brussels on the future of...

  • Forest. Schwoaze. Photo: Schwoaze/CC0

    How forests help cities manage water


    Forests and trees play a crucial role in managing urban flooding and protecting drinking water supplies. To maximise these benefits, nature-based solutions, such as street trees and forests, are essential for resilient cities and effective partnerships should...

  • Anastrangalia sanguinolenta. Least Concern. Frédéric Chevaillot Anastrangalia sanguinolenta, assessed as Least Concern. Photo: Frédéric Chevaillot

    Loss of old trees threatens survival of wood-dependent beetles – IUCN Red List


    Brussels, 5 March 2018 (IUCN) – Almost a fifth (18%) of European saproxylic beetles assessed so far are at risk of extinction due to ongoing decline in large veteran trees across Europe, a new IUCN report has found.

  • Walking, Lessinia, Italy. Gianni Crestani Photo: Gianni Crestani

    In a changing climate European forests are of great value for society and the economy


    On 27 February, EUSTAFOR (the European State Forest Association) hosted a seminar on forestry values, bringing together experts, policy makers and representatives of the forest sector for an exchange on how to strengthen innovation and attract investments in...

  • Wolfgang Suske Photo: Kathrin Horvath

    Refocusing the objectives of protected areas: An interview with Natura 2000 expert Wolfgang Suske


    IUCN is currently carrying out a feasibility study to assess whether the IUCN Green List Sustainability Standard, a global benchmark for the effective management of protected and conserved areas, can be applied to the Natura 2000 network. In this interview,...

  • Ocean plastc Photo: Sheila House

    Focus on reducing consumption of plastic, not just recycling, IUCN argues at EU debate


    IUCN took part in a debate on 20 February on plastics and their role within a circular economy. Participants agreed that the EU Plastics Strategy is a step in the right direction as regards tackling the problems associated with plastic but for IUCN there...

  • Daunbe, kayak Photo: Patrick Müller

    Engaging with the water-related SDGs makes business sense


    The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) encourage businesses to act responsibly with regards to water and aquatic ecosystems across their supply chains. However, compliance with the water-related SDGs can also provide a number of business opportunities,...

  • Restoration sign in the wetlands of Alviso Marsh, Don Edwards wildlife refuge, south San Francisco bay, California Photo: ©Sundry Photography Shutterstock

    World Wetlands Day 2018: Focus on Urban Wetlands


    For the seventh year in a row, the WEF Global Risk Report placed Water Crises in its Top 5 Global Risks. Such repeated warnings have led business and policy makers to seek solutions and innovation to avert water crises. Yet solutions often lie in...


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