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Recognising and Inspiring Conservation Success in Natura 2000 - multimedia feature

  • Ocean plastc Photo: Sheila House

    Focus on reducing consumption of plastic, not just recycling, IUCN argues at EU debate


    IUCN took part in a debate on 20 February on plastics and their role within a circular economy. Participants agreed that the EU Plastics Strategy is a step in the right direction as regards tackling the problems associated with plastic but for IUCN there...

  • Daunbe, kayak Photo: Patrick Müller

    Engaging with the water-related SDGs makes business sense


    The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) encourage businesses to act responsibly with regards to water and aquatic ecosystems across their supply chains. However, compliance with the water-related SDGs can also provide a number of business opportunities,...

  • Restoration sign in the wetlands of Alviso Marsh, Don Edwards wildlife refuge, south San Francisco bay, California Photo: ©Sundry Photography Shutterstock

    World Wetlands Day 2018: Focus on Urban Wetlands


    For the seventh year in a row, the WEF Global Risk Report placed Water Crises in its Top 5 Global Risks. Such repeated warnings have led business and policy makers to seek solutions and innovation to avert water crises. Yet solutions often lie in...

  • Bee flower Photo: Andrea Sonda

    In the spirit of nature, everything is connected


    To bring the natural system into balance, a new economy that is sustainable and respects the limits of natural resources and the functions of ecosystems is fundamental. This requires a shift in how we value, use and dispose of resources, creating a circular...

  • Plastic bucket on beach Photo: Brian Merrill

    EU Plastics Strategy positive but requires implementation


    IUCN welcomes the EU Plastics Strategy launched today, encourages all public and private actors to ensure its swift and adequate implementation, and looks forward to the European Union continuing to lead global action to tackle the marine plastic litter...

  • Flamingoes in Parc Naturel Régional de Camargue, Provence, France Photo: Richard Semik/Shutterstock

    Open Call for the testing and application of the IUCN Green List Sustainability Standard in Natura 2000 sites


    IUCN invites Natura 2000 sites managers to apply for participation in the testing phase of the ‘Green List for N2K’ project. Deadline for application: 13th April 2018.

  • Bridge in Greece Photo: Greekfood-Tamysika / CC0

    SDGs and environment sidelined in EU budget debate


    This week EU officials, ministers and experts debated the next EU budget in a high-level conference. Although the event was called ‘Shaping our future’, disappointingly nature and the environment received only passing mentions.

  • Plastic bag in the ocean Photo: MichaelisScientists/CC4

    The invisible oil spill


    Plastic is everywhere, polluting our waters, choking marine wildlife, and even in our food and water. I’ve seen plastics in every ocean I’ve dived in. It is a problem of global proportions but an ambitious EU Plastics Strategy can create vital momentum.

  • Nick Hodgetts with Long Leaved Saxifrage, Cirque de Troumouse Nick Hodgetts with Long Leaved Saxifrage, Cirque de Troumouse, France. Photo: Tom Hodgetts

    Our Red List Species Assessors: A closer look at the prehistoric 'green stuff' at the bottom of trees, an interview with Nick Hodgetts


    Bryophytes, which include liverworts, mosses and hornworts, are among the oldest terrestrial plants on Earth. They react to changes in their environment, such as air or water pollution, and are important for environmental monitoring of habitat and air quality...

  • Fields of cereals with trees Photo: RitaE/Pixabay

    EU auditors find CAP ‘greening’ measures ineffective


    The European Court of Auditors (ECA) has found that the ‘greening’ of direct payments under the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) has been environmentally ineffective.


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