The Mediterranean Red List

In much the same way as a barometer measures atmospheric pressure to help us prepare for adverse weather conditions, the IUCN Mediterranean Red List measures the pressures acting on species in this region, guiding and informing conservation actions to help prevent extinctions.
Mediterranean Red List website

The Mediterranean Red List of Species is a compelling review of the conservation status of species at the regional level, identifying those that are threatened with extinction and the main threats they are facing. Therefore, it is a powerful tool to lead, prioritize and monitor the conservation action in the region.


Our objectives

  • To provide the basis for a consolidated Mediterranean Red List of Species as a baseline for monitoring the success of conservation action
  • To inform and influence regional Conventions and Governments in order to catalyze action for biodiversity conservation
  • To contribute to the Global Red List of Species by adding Mediterranean endemic species
  • To mobilize existing knowledge on species and to serve as a federating mechanism for scientists, academia and NGOs from the region
  • To build capacities on species conservation

How we act

Project 4


Through this project, the IUCN Centre for Mediterranean Cooperation tackles the gaps in knowledge about Mediterranean species in the region.



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