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  • A woman and child in a dryland ecosystem Photo: iStock 904833344

    Aligning restoration commitments could boost global land health – IUCN report


    By aligning land restoration commitments countries could bring more degraded land back to health, according to a new IUCN report launched today at the ongoing Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification in New Delhi.

  • old wooden barometer behind glass, reflection on right Photo: pixabay 2518477

    The Restoration Tracker: an interview


    Making a pledge to the Bonn Challenge to bring landscapes under restoration is an important first step, but that may actually be the easiest part. The intertwined, complex moving parts between making that pledge and actually restoring landscapes to a...

  • hand and stone block cracking nuts on the floor Photo: IUCN / Pauline Buffle

    Cracking open a better source of oil


    Palm oil dominates the headlines, and for good reason. It’s a commodity that many of us depend on, yet it takes its toll on whole landscapes – famously triggering the destruction of diverse forests to convert into palm plantations. There is no single solution...

  • Amazon fires Photo: © NOAA

    IUCN, the International Union for Conservation of Nature calls on the Brazilian and other governments and citizens to help halt the fires in Amazonia


    The Amazon is one of the most important biomes on the planet. Shared by nine countries, it covers more than 8 million square kilometres and is home to some 30% of the world’s biodiversity. The Amazon is also one of the most important carbon stores in the...

  • mangrove forest dissecting a city scape Photo: By Portal da CopaME /,_Pernamb

    Nature may have solutions your city is looking for


    The world’s cities cover only 3% of the Earth’s land but consume 60-80% of manufactured energy and are responsible for 70% of carbon emissions. However, cities and urban ecosystems have unparalleled potential to conserve biodiversity, preserve surrounding...

  • hand over pan of herbs Photo: World Agroforestry / Robert Finlayson

    Why financing is tied to the future of a biodiverse planet


    Biodiversity is inherently linked to well-being and its decline is everyone’s problem, says expert group. Addressing the problem isn’t free. Financing needs to be directed into biodiversity-friendly production to reach national and international...

  • Life under the mangrove canopy @damsea_shutterstock Life under the mangrove canopy Photo: @damsea_shutterstock

    Celebrating Mangroves – the super ecosystem of the tropics


    By Raphaelle Flint, Marine Programme Officer, IUCN Global Marine & Polar Programme   On the occasion of World Mangrove Day, let’s hear it for mangroves the super ecosystem of tropical and subtropical latitudes!  

  • river and trees in back and publication in front Photo: IUCN

    Report captures achievement of U.S. Bonn Challenge pledge: restoration progress from 19 countries


    28 June 2019, IUCN released its second assessment of the implementation of restoration pledges made to the Bonn Challenge, showing that countries are making impressive progress on the global goal of bringing 150 million hectares into...

  • Selous Game Reserve, World Heritage, Tanzania Hippos in the Selous Game Reserve, Tanzania Photo: IUCN / Mizuki Murai

    Selous reserve could lose World Heritage status if dam project goes ahead – IUCN


    The Selous Game Reserve in Tanzania faces irreversible damage if plans to build the Stiegler’s Gorge dam go ahead, according to IUCN – the official advisor on natural World Heritage. Ultimately, this could lead to the reserve being removed from the World...

  • woman standing by stump explaining things to people outside Photo: IUCN / Corbett Nash

    Talking about forest reserves without needing to take a plane


    As an international organisation that works all around the world, the importance of what we can learn and share with those managing the forests nearby is sometimes overlooked. This year, the Lake Geneva Forestry Forum (Forum Forestier Lémanique) was co-hosted...


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