• Anastrangalia sanguinolenta. Least Concern. Frédéric Chevaillot Anastrangalia sanguinolenta, assessed as Least Concern. Photo: Frédéric Chevaillot

    Loss of old trees threatens survival of wood-dependent beetles – IUCN Red List


    Brussels, 5 March 2018 (IUCN) – Almost a fifth (18%) of European saproxylic beetles assessed so far are at risk of extinction due to ongoing decline in large veteran trees across Europe, a new IUCN report has found.

  • 20 meter trees planted in lines with sun spot on ground in middle Photo: IUCN / Pauline Buffle

    Preparing for the next step: Financing REDD+


    Now that much of the basic infrastructure for reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD+) has been established, it’s time to get our finances in order to take the next steps.

  • Walking, Lessinia, Italy. Gianni Crestani Photo: Gianni Crestani

    In a changing climate European forests are of great value for society and the economy


    On 27 February, EUSTAFOR (the European State Forest Association) hosted a seminar on forestry values, bringing together experts, policy makers and representatives of the forest sector for an exchange on how to strengthen innovation and attract investments in...

  • men on river back looking at cloth hanging on a line Photo: Samdhana Institute (with permission)

    Indonesia’s last frontier: indigenous peoples’ rights key to forest preservation


    The forests of Papua in Indonesia have been referred to as a last frontier, and those that live in and around them are instrumental in their future. Clarifying and codifying rights to tenure and management may be the key to keeping these forests...

  • Women sitting on blanket with new radio Photo: IUCN

    Amplifying women’s voices through radio in Malawi


    Radio is generations old, but when combined with some ingenuity and a few modern technologies, it can accomplish great things. As farmers, foresters and providers, women have a unique understanding of the ecosystems they live alongside. A pioneering radio...

  • people sitting at desks in crowded room Photo: IUCN

    Increasing meaningful stakeholder representation and participation in conservation and restoration projects


    At the highest levels of international organisations and governments, policies and guidelines often support engagement with local stakeholders, and include their representation. These ideas are enshrined in the Sustainable Development Goals, particularly...

  • trees and bare hillside Photo: IUCN

    How do we know when forest landscape restoration has been achieved?


    A principal rationale for restoring a landscape is to return ecosystem services in a way that makes the ecosystem functional and productive while providing for the needs of those who depend on the landscape. There may be some common indicators from...

  • Forest Heroes: Ivane Kupradze, Georgia Photo: Panda Agency

    Ivane Kupradze, a Georgian hero


    Ivane Kupradze from Borjomi, Georgia dreamt of becoming a ranger since he was a little boy. Hiking trips with his grandfather inspired him to dedicate his whole life to protecting nature. 

  • man with brown beard and blue shirt above forest background Photo: IUCN

    An economist's view of forest landscape restoration


    The Restoration Opportunities Assessment Methodology has proven effective for countries in planning their restoration actions. A large part of this process consists of comparing the costs and benefits of different restoration options, the...

  • two men handing blue box to woman. shaking hands Photo: IUCN

    The conservation and livelihoods power of a community fund in Uganda


    The Community Environment Conservation Fund (CECF) is a conservation benefits sharing model developed and implemented by IUCN to address immediate community livelihood needs through a credit scheme. This in turn motivates and empowers communities to...


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