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  • Solenopsis invicta, red imported fire ant Photo: © Dennis Kunkel Microscopy Inc.,

    Protect your ports against invasive species


    Ports and trade hotspots in the United States should have better ways to detect invasive species and more rapid response protocols, according to a new report from the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). 

  • Clown fish in Moorea, French Polynesia Photo: IUCN/Jean-Philippe Palasi

    IUCN welcomes France’s significant scale-up of marine protected areas


    France has significantly boosted progress towards improved protection of the marine environment. President Sarkozy speaking recently in Le Havre announced the creation of marine protected areas (MPAs) covering 20% of the country’s Exclusive Economic Zone.

  • Computer Photo: IUCN

    Find environment experts at the touch of a button


    An Ecosystem Services Expert Directory is now available for free online. Journalists, business leaders and governments can use the directory to search hundreds of environment experts from organizations such as IUCN, the Ecological Society of America and the...

  • Le panel des Ministres présents Photo: Anny B.

    Conservons la forêt du Mayombe : L'Angola et les deux Congo conjuguent leurs efforts


    La forêt de Mayombe abrite une importante biodiversité à forte concentration de primates, répartie sur trois aires protégées dont la réserve du Luki en République Démocratique du Congo, la réserve de Dimonika en République du Congo et la zone du Cacongo en...

  • Participants at the Enhancing the Quality of Protected Area Data Workshop Photo: UNEP-WCMC

    Establishing An Expert Review Process For Protected Area Data in Asia


    BANGKOK, Thailand - IUCN, WCPA and UNEP-WCMC bring together a wide range of government and nongovernmental partners to enhance the quality of protected area data across the Asia region.

  • Convention on Biological Diversity Photo: CBD

    International Day for Biological Diversity


    International Day for Biological Diversity 

  • Textiles at a market in Quito, Ecuador Photo: IUCN CEC

    Weaving Together Two Commissions: Joint Meeting Reports


    Bright ideas, like the colors of textiles woven in Ecuador, combined to create new plans for collaborative action by two IUCN Commissions during a joint meeting of their Steering Committees two hours outside Quito. Each...

  • Participants in the workshop on conservation of the Alboran Sea - Malaga, july 2009 Photo: IUCN-Med

    Priority areas for conserving the Alboran Sea


    Among the different marine areas of the Mediterranean Sea, the Alboran Sea represents a unique element given its ecological wealth, due to its blend of Atlantic and Mediterranean marine biodiversity, its socioeconomic importance, and its geopolitical location...

  • Indigenous Suruí group and IUCN staff Photo: IUCN

    Amazonian indigenous group leads the way for sustainable forest management


    IUCN had special visitors at its Headquarters on Tuesday morning! Four representatives from the indigenous Suruí people of Mato Grosso state in the Brazilian Amazon are participating in the Paléo Music Festival in Switzerland and visited us to share their...

  • Fishes in the Barrier Reef World Heritage Site, Belize Photo: Jim Thorsell

    Belize barrier reef and Los Katios park in danger


    The Belize Barrier Reef System and Los Katios National Park in Columbia are the two natural sites added to the List of World Heritage in Danger, following the advice of IUCN.


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