Protected Areas


  • Red Ruffed Lemur (Varecia variegata ssp. rubra) 2008 IUCN Red List of Threatened Species status: Endangered Photo: Zurich Zoo / Edi Day

    Madagascan rainforest brought to life


    A little piece of Madagascar has been transported to Switzerland, with the recreation of the Masoala Rainforest in Zurich Zoo. Wild Talk speaks to Martin Bauert, Curator of Conservation and Botany, to find out how they did it and what benefits...

  • Castillo de Santa Cruz Photo: CEIDA

    The IUCN Centre for Mediterranean Cooperation participates in an international seminar for cooperation in managing protected areas


    The seminar, which was organised by CEIDA (Centre for Continuing Education and the Dissemination of Environmental Information of Galicia), was held in the Santa Cruz Castle in Oleiros (A Coruña) from 26 to 27 March and was attended by the Spanish Liaison...

  • mano de muerto (alcyonium glomeratum) Photo: IUCN-Med

    The Alboran Sea continues transnational work for the conservation of its biodiversity and sustainability


    The Alboran Sea is the most western part of the Mediterranean, and is situated in the centre of the geological region, the Gibraltar Arc.

  • Healthy Parks - Healthy People Congress International Congress 2010 Photo: Healthy Parks - Healthy People Congress

    International Healthy Parks Healthy People Congress


    With the increasing recognition of the value of nature to human health and wellbeing worldwide, Parks Victoria will host the first International Healthy Parks Healthy People Congress in 2010. This will be a unique opportunity to bring together delegates from...

  • Members of the PA Guidleines project Steering Group Photo: IUCN Environmental Law Programme

    ICCAs and the PA Legislation Guidelines


    ELC Project ‘Guidelines for Protected Areas Legislation’: the draft Guidelines are progressing well, and presently the object of an intensive review process. A two-day meeting took place at the ELC to consider the chapter of the draft dealing with ICCAs (...

  • Temperate eucalypt forest in the Blue Mountains, Australia Photo: IUCN Photo Library © Jim Thorsell

    IUCN statement on Australian fires


    IUCN extends its sympathies to those who have suffered from the extreme fires in south-eastern Australia, especially to those who have lost family, friends and their homes.

  • Cousin Island is one the world’s greatest conservation success stories. Photo: Martin Harvey

    Seychelles success story


    This week BirdLife International and Nature Seychelles (BirdLife in Seychelles) are celebrating the anniversary of one the world’s greatest conservation success stories. In 1968, Cousin Island was purchased by the International Council of Bird Preservation (...

  • UNESCO Logo Photo: IUCN-Med

    UNESCO World Heritage Committee


    33rd session of the Committee

  • High Seas Gems - Hidden Treasures
of Our Blue Earth Photo: MCBI - IUCN

    High Seas Gems: Hidden Treasures of Our Blue Earth


    The largest, least-protected places on our blue planet are found in the high seas - the open ocean and deep seabed that lie seaward of individual nations’ jurisdictions. Extending from the Southern Ocean surrounding Antarctica to most of the Indian, Pacific,...


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