King penguins (Aptenodytes patagonicus)

As part of the IUCN Secretariat, the Global Species Programme is based at IUCN’s international headquarters in Gland, Switzerland, but its staff are based in two further locations - Cambridge, UK, and Washington DC, USA. The SSC Chair works from his office in Bath, UK.

Who to contact


General enquiries

Taxonomic and thematic areas

Technical issues

Policy and International agreements


Species Survival Commission Chair's Office


Taxonomic areas 
Amphibians - Ariadne Angulo and Dena Cator
Birds - Rachel Roberts
Freshwater fishes and invertebrates (Freshwater Sub-committee) -Will Darwall and Rachel Roberts
Fungi - Olivier Hasinger
Invertebrates (Invertebrate Conservation Sub-committee) - Rachel Roberts
Mammals - Dena Cator and Rachel Roberts
Marine fishes, invertebrates and plants (Marine Conservation Sub-committee) - Kent Carpenter and Olivier Hasinger
Plants - Olivier Hasinger
Reptiles - Neil Cox and Dena Cator

Thematic areas
Climate change and species - Jamie Carr
Conservation Breeding -  Dena Cator
Conservation planning (species conservation Planning Sub-committee) - Dena Cator
Conservation planning (Key Biodiversity Areas) - Annabelle Cuttelod
Invasive Species - Rachel Roberts
Re-introduction - Jean-Christophe Vié 
Sustainable Use and Trade - Dena Cator
Wildlife Health - Jean-Christophe Vié 

Technical issues
IUCN Red List and Assessments - Craig Hilton-Taylor Caroline Pollock
Species Information Service - Ackbar Joolia
GIS - Ackbar Joolia

Policy and International agreements 

General Communications - Lynne Labanne 
Marketing - Lynne Labanne
IUCN Red List Website - Ackbar Joolia
E-bulletin -  Claire Santer 
Species Magazine and Species website - Lynne Labanne

Species Survival Commission Chair's Office

Finances - Hugo Ruiz Lozano
SSC Membership Details - Claire Santer 

General enquiries - species@iucn.org


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