Los bosques cumplen un importante papel en la regulación del clima a escala global, así como en la conservación de la biodiversidad y en el mantenimiento de las comunidades a escala local. Sin embargo están, así como la gente que depende de ellos, cada vez bajo mayor presión.



  • Photo: IUCN / Pauline Buffle

    A closer look at a collective economic giant: Small forest and farm producers - INTERVIEW


    More than 1.5 billion small forest and farm producers throughout the world depend on forest landscapes to produce food, fuel, timber and non-wood forest products to meet their subsistence needs and generate cash income. Despite the large number of...

  • words on left -plant growing on tree on right Photo: IUCN / Craig Beatty

    Biodiversity’s role in landscape restoration: INTERVIEW


    Biodiversity is inherently connected to forest landscape restoration, but conceptualising this relationship has been elusive – until now. A new publication called, ‘Biodiversity guidelines for forest landscape restoration opportunities assessments’ is...

  • Photo: Courtesy Flickr

    Forests among top issues at UN High Level Political Forum on SDGs


    June 9-18, the United Nations will hold the High Level Political Forum (HLPF) on the Sustainable Development Goals. This article highlights how the role of restoration of deforested and degraded forest landscapes in the achievement of the SDGs, particularly...



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