Become an IUCN Member


31 December 2019 is the deadline for the submission of membership applications to be considered in May 2020.

Who can become a Member? 

  • States 
  • Government agencies
  • Political/economic integration organisations
  • National and international non-governmental organisations
  • Indigenous Peoples' Organisations

N.B. Individuals can only become members of the six IUCN Commissions.

How to apply?

  • Please download and read the detailed application form here: Membership Application Form

    The form contains step-by-step instructions of what you need to do in order to apply for membership as well as detailed information about the membership admission criteria and process.
  • Should you require assistance for any items not covered in the application form, please do not hesitate to contact the Membership Focal Point for your region.
  • When you have completed the form and gathered the necessary supporting documentation for your application (letters of recommendation from 2 IUCN Members, an audited financial statement and the Statutes of your organization), please send this all to your Membership Focal Point.

Documents to guide you through the process:

*Should you need to locate dues amounts for 2016 or earlier, kindly contact the Membership Focal Point from your region.




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