Solutions for a Healthy Planet

 PANORAMA brings together real-world, case-based solutions to conservation and development challenges across several themes such as "protected areas" or  "marine and coastal conservation". These solutions have proven positive impacts and are shared on a single platform thanks to the PANORAMA partnership led by IUCN and GIZ. IUCN coordinates the “protected areas solutions” community. 


Learn from best practices in protected areas and other themes on:

In a nutshell

  • This platform was launched after the World Parks Congress in November 2014.
  • PANORAMA is now developing into a growing partnership promoting solutions across several themes.
  • It provides a useful service to a wide variety of partners, facilitating cross-sectoral learning from proven experiences. 
  • It has long-term backing and sponsorship thanks to a strong and growing partnership, currently led by IUCN and GIZ. 
  • The solutions are being documented, shared and promoted through a web platform, integration into capacity development materials, in-person workshops and forums, as well as communications and advocacy products.
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