The six IUCN Commissions are broad and active networks of scientists and experts providing IUCN and its Members with sound know-how and policy advice to drive conservation and sustainable development.

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The Commissions focus on :

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  • Riviera di Ulisse Regional Park - DestiMED Ecotourism PackageTest Photo: Catherine Roberts, WWF Mediterranean

    First assessment of Ecological Footprint in Mediterranean ecotourism packages


    Thanks to the Interreg-MED-funded project DestiMED, Mediterranean protected areas have been able to measure and manage the Ecological Footprint of their ecotourism packages. Food has been found to be the highest contributor and primary component to...

  • Small-scale fishing boats on the beach in Thailand Photo: Nathan Bennett

    Charting a course to sustainability and equity in the blue economy


    CEESP News: By Dr. Nathan Bennett, Chair of the 'People and the Ocean'  CEESP Specialist Group. The global rush to develop the ‘blue economy’ risks harming both the marine environment and human wellbeing. Bold policies and actions are urgently needed...

  • Scimitar-horned oryx Photo: Brent Huffman / UltimateUngulate

    IUCN calls for halt to species decline by 2030


    Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, 11 October 2019 (IUCN) – IUCN has issued an urgent call to massively scale up species conservation action in response to the escalating biodiversity crisis. The Abu Dhabi Call for Global Species Conservation Action...

  • Landscape of Guilin, China Photo: ©Shutterstock/Aphotostory

    BRIDGE: Hydrodiplomacy in Action


    Globally, over 310 lake and river basins stretch across national borders. Around 60% of those lack any type of cooperative management framework. Good transboundary water management is crucial for peace, security, economic development and environmental...

  • #NatureForAll at World Scouts Jamboree Photo: IUCN

    Connecting with young champions for nature at the World Scout Jamboree


    #NatureForAll is a global movement championed by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and launched by the Commission on Education and Communication (CEC) and World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA) to inspire love, support, and action...

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