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IUCN / CEC Newsletter November 2012 Issue 51

Dear CEC members,

I am extremely honoured to have been elected as the new global Chair for CEC by IUCN members at the World Conservation Congress in Jeju during September this year. It is with great relish and excitement that I take on this position and look forward to working with you to make the positive changes necessary through the great collaborative action of the CEC community.

While in Jeju, I had the pleasure of meeting many of you. We had some productive meetings, learnt many new approaches through the workshops, panel discussions, poster sessions and other activities. Apart from the election campaign, I myself had the opportunity to facilitate a few learning sessions. I very much look forward to reading about all the great activities and experiences that you had at the WCC in Jeju in this newsletter!

As many of you probably already know from our website, the new Steering Committee consists of a small number of focal people at this point, bringing around the table some silverbacks and new talent. Please visit to become acquainted with this interesting group! We will have our first meeting at the end of January 2013, where we will have many discussions on strategic activities which will make the CEC Programme 2013-2016 come to fruition in harmonisation with the IUCN One Programme. Here we will also discuss the new CEC structure and look forward to engaging you as an integral part of the CEC community.

Good wishes to you all!
Juliane Zeidler, CEC Chair

P.S.: If you would like to learn a bit more about me and my work, you can still find my profile that was prepared for the elections here >>

Juliane Zeidler, CEC CHAIR
Juliane Zeidler, CEC Chair

In this Newsletter

CEC Deputy Chair
imageNote from Nancy Colleton, new CEC Deputy Chair
"Whether we’re promoting our Love Not Loss campaign, helping to better connect people to nature, educating policy makers on the importance of biodiversity, I hope you will join the CEC and help to provide a strong and powerful voice for nature," she writes. »

IUCN CEC @ Congress: News from Jeju
imageJuliane Zeidler elected CEC Chair
Juliane Zeidler is the new Chair of the IUCN Commission on Education and Communication. Also elected on 12 September is the new President of IUCN, Mr Zhang Xinsheng. »

imageCEC Steering Committee meeting in Jeju
The Committee met for the last time on 5 September 2012 before the start of the IUCN World Conservation Congress. The Chair thanked all members for their contributions. »

image CEC members meeting and awards ceremony
More than 70 CEC members attended a Commission meeting 6 September before the opening of the IUCN World Conservation Congress in Jeju, South Korea. »

image 'Communicating for climate change' session at Conservation Campus
CEC Chair Juliane Zeidler, with CEC members Justine Braby and Hilma Angula, co-facilitated a session to support IUCN efforts to improve women’s participation in forest-related climate change actions. »

image CEC member on panel of future leaders in business and conservation
Four young future business and conservation leaders provided personal views on biodiversity as part of the IUCN-WBCSD Business and Ecosystem Think Tank at the IUCN World Conservation Congress. »

image CEC and CEESP on the Youth and Intergenerational Journey at Congress
CEC member Dominic Stucker reports on action related to youth engagement and collaboration across generations during the IUCN World Conservation Congress. »

image CEC members in high-level communications event
Two CEC members will join the IUCN Director General in a high-level communications event on 11 September in Room 401 at the World Conservation Congress. »

image Café del Conocimiento: Al manejo integral de los humedales de la Cuenca del Plata
Los nuevos modelos de desarrollo y los cambios en el uso de la tierra están provocando la degradación de los humedales de la Cuenca del Plata y afectando los modos de vida tradicionales de las comunidades locales. »

image Namibian Youth at IUCN World Conservation Congress Conservation Campus
Namibian youth will co-facilitate a Conservation Campus event, "Secrets to influencing climate resilient decision making," with CEC Steering Committee member Juliane Zeidler at the IUCN World Conservation Congress. »

image CEC jointly launches "Children and Nature Worldwide Summary of Research" at Jeju
The report supports the dramatic need to reconnect children and youth with nature in their everyday lives—for their health and well-being and that of the Earth itself. »

image Addressing Children’s Nature-Deficit Disorder: Bold Actions by Conservation Leaders Worldwide
Actions taken at the 2012 IUCN World Conservation Congress provide dramatic support for the worldwide movement to re-connect children and nature—for their health and well-being and that of the Earth itself. »

image Jargon-free communications campaign comes to Warsaw
The campaign's success depends on the attractive language far from scientific jargon, explains CEC member Anna Kalinowska, who featured her project in a 'poster' at Congress in Jeju. »

image CEC member awarded Honorary Membership of IUCN
Honorary Membership of IUCN was awarded on 11 September 2012, at the IUCN World Conservation Congress, to eleven outstanding individuals, including CEC member Dr. Abdulaziz Abuzinada. »

image Congress from the UK perspective
CEC member Chris Mahon shares news from the IUCN National Committee for the UK, with newsletters about IUCN in Europe and the UK Protected Areas Categories Club. »

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Love Not Loss Campaign
imageYou are invited to join the Love, Not Loss campaign
We need your help! Inspire people to communicate about nature with positive messages of love, not loss. The IUCN CEC campaign Love, Not Loss includes the new How to Tell a Love Story videos and examples to get you started. »

imageCEC members: Share films from 'How to Tell a Love Story' campaign
Funny talking animal films launched at the IUCN World Conservation Congress on 7 September are part of the Love Not Loss campaign. Share the love! »

imageCEC video 'Love. Not Loss.' wins film festival prize
In its French version, the video won the European prize in the ‘Festival Européen du Court-Métrage de Fontainebleau'. »

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imageSharing love stories at the UN biodiversity conference
Scientists and policy makers told love stories about nature as part of an IUCN CEC side event at CBD COP 11. The event drew on the Love Not Loss Campaign for communicating biodiversity. »

imageCEC side event at CBD COP 11 ‘Communicating Biodiversity: How to Tell a Love Story’
Positive examples of communication about nature will be explored on 10 October from 13:30 to 15:00 at the CBD conference in Hyderabad. See you at the CEPA Fair! »

imageCEPA events showcase 'bright spots' in conservation social marketing at CBD COP 11 in Hyderabad
CEC members David Ainsworth and Brian Day will lead side events featuring success stories in the use of Communication, Education and Public Awareness (CEPA) tools and methods. Workshops are presented by Rare and the Global Island Partnership. »

image India's CEE to host COP 11 workshop on positive action towards biodiversity
The Centre for Environment Education offers the side event ‘Handprint for Biodiversity' the CEPA Fair on 10 October from 10 am to 1 pm. »

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Education for Sustainable Development
imageTbilisi Communiqué calls for education to tackle biodiversity challenges
The Intergovernmental Conference Tbilis+35 recommends governments and other stakeholders to strengthen education for sustainability. »

imageSurvey on UNDESD hopes and challenges
CEC member Dieter Gross asked 50 UNESCO workshop participants about success and failure in achieving the goals for Education for Sustainable Development. He shares links to reports on a related joint effort by Germany and Japan. »

imageEducación Ambiental: Un árbol con más de tres raíces
CEC member from Venezuela, Alejandro Alvarez Iragorry, shares this interview from Quinto Día. »

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Strategic Communication
imageComunicación Comunitaria: Parques Nacionales Naturales de Colombia
La Comunicación Comunitaria sobresale como una herramienta capaz de generar procesos de movilización social en torno a la conservación de las áreas protegidas. Luis Alfonso Cano Ramírez, Miembro CEC. »

imageA story in photos: Drill rig near protected Alaska
In his ongoing effort to communicate climate change and conservation issues, CEC member Gary Braasch offers his latest photo of a drill rig near a wildlife refuge. »

imageETV/Nepal is broadcasting conservation 8 hours a day
YAEF, a youth-oriented NGO in Nepal, is expanding from community radio into community television. CEC member Dr. Astaman Kisee Maharjan shares the news: Environmental Television is on the air. »

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More Topics
imageInstitute of Rural Management implements office ‘Green Policy’
"I strongly believe that a cadre of activists needs to be trained for the purpose of creating a culture of effective and sustainable management of natural resources," writes CEC member Roomi S. Hayat. »

imageWater in the Andes: IUCN CEC member promotes project
"If these few families demonstrate how it is possible to improve production by capturing runoff from rain, then others will find ways to do the same," writes Alonzo Zarzycki, a CEC member from Argentina. »

imageReport for policy makers: Protecting ecosystems brings benefits to society
A new report by PEER looks at methods for assessing the benefits of ecosystem services, with implications for EU policies and biodiversity targets. »

imageZoos and aquariums of South and Southeast Asia support biodiversity decade
IUCN, CBD and ten representatives of zoos and aquariums shared ongoing and planned activities in support of biodiversity conservation, reports CEC member Gerald Dick of WAZA. »

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imageReviewers wanted for guidelines for management of parks and protected areas
If you are interested in concessions, leases, licenses and permits, please contact IUCN WCPA regarding review of a new publication. »

imageEnter Voices4Climate Competition: Photo, video, music video
The deadline is 31 December 2012 for photo, video and music video entries. »

imageEl máster en espacios protegidos - Madrid
Tres universidades españolas con amplia experiencia en el campo ambiental convocan conjuntamente, a través de la Fundación Fernando González Bernáldez y en colaboración con EUROPARC-España, una nueva edición del MÁSTER EN ESPACIOS NATURALES PROTEGIDOS. La matrícula está abierta hasta el 31 de octubre de 2012. »

imageDeadline extended for WEEC World Environmental Education Congress
Attending the 7th WEEC in Marrakech? Deadline extended to December 2012. »

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