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IUCN / CEC Newsletter May 2013 Issue 53

Dear CEC members,

Yes — it is quite a challenge to be the Chair of the CEC! A lot of activity is taking place, even if I have not been able to share it with quite all of you as yet. Work in progress ...

The new Steering Committee met for the first time at the end of January in Rolle, near Gland, in Switzerland. I am excited about the Action Plan that emerged from the meeting, which mobilizes support for the IUCN CEC Programme, IUCN One Progamme, and CBD Secretariat and countries to achieve Aichi Target 1 on biodiversity awareness – and much more! Read the full story and report here >>

We are currently working on developing an interactive News Blog which will be a platform for our members to interact and for all of us to be kept up to date on new and exciting CEC related activities! I very much look forward to this step and hope we will be able to mobilize and facilitate a very active community of conservation communication and learning practitioners around the world! Our plan is to flow CEC news through the blog, replacing the present e-newsletter.

Over the past few months, I have had the opportunity to travel extensively in Africa and meet with CEC members in Kenya, Mozambique, Sierra Leone and Togo. I also solicited new members in the Seychelles. This was a great opportunity to learn from and reach out to members of the network, and I look forward to sharing more details in the News Blog, launching soon.

In the meantime, I will be thrilled to read some of your stories on e-learning, your use of the Love not Loss or the CEPA toolkit, or how your use of social media has inspired action around the world!

I would like to take this opportunity to remind you to visit our Facebook page and read our tweets. Good wishes to you all!

Juliane Zeidler, CEC Chair
Juliane Zeidler, CEC Chair

In this Newsletter
News from the Commission
imageFirst meeting of the new CEC Steering Committee
Juliane Zeidler, CEC Chair, reports on a meeting near IUCN headquarters in Gland, Switzerland, where the new Steering Committee created an action plan. »

image CEC Chair speaks at Rio+20 and biodiversity colloquium
Juliane Zeidler, CEC Chair, contributed to a session on the role of science and education in nature conservation at an international colloquium in April in Brasilia. »

image Passing the Torch: Dominic Stucker on CEC Young Professionals
It is a great pleasure to write to you today, highlighting recent youth and intergenerational achievements in the CEC and IUCN, and sketching out next steps and opportunities for your involvement. »

image New co-Conveners to lead CEC's Young Professionals Leadership Team
Tushita Mukherjee of India and Jean Paul Brice Affana Affana of Cameroon will lead the team of young professionals advancing youth engagement across IUCN Commissions and beyond. »

image An invitation to CEC from the IUCN SSC Amphibian Specialist Group
Given the power of collaboration, the ASG is partnering to create innovative campaigns and conservation efforts. Candace Hansen, Robin Moore and James Lewis invite CEC members to join. »

image Powered by Nature: Social media student competition aims to shape the future of energy
Calling for your best idea for a social media campaign on energy and nature! The student competition Powered by Nature now gives you two more weeks to apply for a unique experience and week-long collaborative workshop on social media and sustainability in the Netherlands. The deadline for applications has been extended to Tuesday, 14 May 2013, 23:59 CEST. »

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Strategic Communication
imageARKive’s search for the World's Favourite Species
Wildlife and IUCN Red List partner Wildscreen is engaging the public with nature in its search to find the World's Favourite Species. CEC member Richard Edwards from ARKive invites you to vote by 8 May. »

imageParticipatory video workshop reflects on climate in Goshoba, Sundarbans
Earthcare Outreach Trust of Delhi, India, conducted a 10-day Participatory Video Workshop on the island of Goshoba in the Sunderbans. Climate fragile, with tigers on the land and salt water crocs and sharks in the water. CEC member Krishnendu Bose reports. »

imageMaking an educational film that a bank will back
Bo Boudart's award-winning film on Bahamian conservation is being distributed to all the country's schools. "Islands of Life" tells the story of the pioneering conservation steps by the Bahamas 50 years ago and education efforts today. »

imageCreating hype around biodiversity in the Caribbean
How did nature became the hottest word on the lips of St Lucia's top musician? Such entertainment-education is part of the PCI Media Impact concert series focusing on cliimate change. »

imageCEPA Japan promotes "5 Actions" for biodiversity
CEC members in Japan with many supporter are trying to mainstream biodiversity through the declaration “5 Actions” and the Japanese LOVE NOT LOSS movement. »

imageFur seal teaches humans what to do with plastic thrown into water
WWF Panda Planet wanted to teach the importance of recycling plastic and not throwing it into water or nature. To help communicate the message and make garbage more amusing, CEC member Sandra Jönsson Bäckman let the seal tell the story. »

image New website launched by IUCN National Committee of the Netherlands
Visit the new website and browse more than 400 projects conducted by the IUCN National Committee of the Netherlands. »

image Bridging science and policy with the BiodivERsA network
Successful conservation requires sound priority setting and decision-making based on the best available science. Science-policy interfaces are social processes, which encompass relations between scientists and other actors in the policy process, and which allow for exchanges, co-evolution, and joint construction of knowledge with the aim of enriching decision-making at different scales. »

imageMarine World Heritage: The Crown Jewels of the Ocean event calls for support of marine sites
International film stars Clive Owen and Jacques Perrin gave their support to Marine World Heritage: The Crown Jewels of the Ocean. See the short film on marine sites, narrated by Mr Perrin. »

imageFête de la Nature 2013 : les petites bêtes sont à l’honneur
La Fête de la Nature propose aux Français de métropole et d’Outre-Mer, de célébrer la nature durant cinq jours, à travers des milliers de manifestations gratuites organisées dans la nature et sur l’ensemble du territoire. »

imageVideo from the Yasuni Biosphere Reserve
CEC member Ana Puyol shares a video about closing down an illegal wildlife market. »

imageRadio Environnement disponible par internet!
Encore une fois, Radio Environnement innove. Elle lance sa plateforme web et sa radio en streaming. Les auditeurs du monde entier pourront l’écouter 24 sur 24 et 7 jours sur 7. »

imageAwareness raising is an important tool for Biodiversity Conservation
We have embarked on a mission to raise awareness and mobilize people for biodiversity conservation Roomi S. Hayat, a CEC member, is Chairperson, Human Resource Development Network (HRDN). »

imageUnion for Ethical Biotrade releases results of Biodiversity Barometer
Bo The Union for Ethical BioTrade (UEBT) launches the 2013 Biodiversity Barometer. This new report highlights growing biodiversity awareness worldwide. »

imageDocentes de Puerto Inca se capacitaten en técnicas de impacto
Nikita Shardin, experta de la Comisión de Educación y Comunicación de la UICN-PERÚ, capacitó a docentes de la provincia de Puerto Inca (región peruana de Huánuco) en redacción de notas de prensa, producción de guión para títeres, producción de guión para spot radial y pautas para la elaboración de videos para canal en youtube. »

imageWAZA Biodiversity Decade
A modular set of awareness raising tools are being developed, including films, a mobile phone application, social media campaign and visuals. The objective is to make sure the public understands biodiversity and its threats, and to convey stimulating and positive messages. »

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Conservation E-Learning
imageScholarship for online master's in Sustainable Mountain Development
A scholarship from UNESCO is available for online studies starting September 2013. The MSc Sustainable Mountain Development is offered in Europe by the University of the Highlands and Islands, Scotland. »

imagee-Learning courses delivered to thousands of conservation professionals
How two universities are using e-learning to provide access to high-quality courses and facilitate global collaborations among students. CEC member Ben Wilson reports on success at Charles Sturt University in Australia and the University of Edinburgh, UK. »

imageTeam WILD – the search for science superheroes gets gamified
Wildlife educational charity, Wildscreen, releases new online education game to inspire the science superheroes of the future. »

image Eco-Union offers online course integrating biodiversity and business
¿Cómo integrar la variable “biodiversidad” en los proyectos y estrategias empresariales? Eco-union is a nonprofit organization that works to create agents of change towards sustainability. Eco-union is now offering an online course on biodiversity and business. »

image Recommended viewing: TED talk on NGOs and fundraising
IUCN CEC member Cecilia Saura Drago, Assistant to the IUCN Director General, shares this video by Dan Pallota, activist and fundraiser. »

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Education for Sustainable Development
imageHow a little philosophy and a good network can help you find a green job
‘Pathways to a Sustainability Career’ is an inspiring new workshop developed by international leaders who want to share the power of collaborative leadership and learning. »

imageApplications open for LEAD Europe Sustainability Leadership Programme
Apply now for a six month programme for mid-career professionals. Gain the latest sustainability knowledge, key skills and heightened self-awareness to drive the agenda for positive change. »

imageWhat are the training needs in the conservation world?
Durrell Conservation Academy is looking for training needs assessments that have been conducted at any level for government and non-government conservation organisations. Kindly share examples before the end of May. »

imageBy teaching you learn, Following a river – Mkhomazi River, South Africa
Learners travelled by non-motorised means the length of the 298km Mkhomazi River, from catchment to coast. They conducted environmental surveys en-route and water-related interactive lessons at schools. »

imageRaising Seagrass Awareness among Youths in Palk Bay, India
We initiated an exclusive seagrass awareness in Palk Bay since October 2012. Our team visits local schools and then invite the students to our centre for field trip. »

imageTraining Workshop on Biodiversity Concerns for ESD Practitioners
This one-day training program was organised by TERI in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India, in partnership with Uttarakhand State Council of Science and Technology. »

image Biotechnological and community-based conservation of threatened plants in Rajasthan, India
CEC member Vineet Soni is carrying out community-based conservation efforts to conserve and raise awareness among local rural and tribal people about the threatened plants in Rajasthan. »

imageEnvironmental education groundwork in São Tomé and Príncipe, West Africa
The island country of São Tomé and Principe, West Africa is a biodiversity hotspot. Yet, little work has been done around the human dimensions of conservation. CEC member Diogo Verissimo worked in schools and communities to gather information that can help future conservation efforts. »

imageNew research centre established with CEC-member director
CEC member Peter Stoett has been appointed the first director of the new Loyola Sustainability Research Centre at Concordia University in Montreal. »

imageUrbanization and marine environment protection: Co-build a project
ECOREM invites you to participate in creating a collaborative education project on the interaction between urbanization and the marine environment. Share your point of view on specific topics through the discussion list. »

imageUna Iniciativa Propia: Un Bosque Escolar para Vista Alegre, Perú
Alumnos, profesores y autoridades de Vista Alegre, centro poblado en la zona de amortiguamiento del Parque Nacional Cordillera Azul, inaugurarán Bosque Escolar de 6 Ha, culminando 4 años de esfuerzos para formalizar y acondicionar el área, preparar materiales y capacitarse para mejorar la calidad de la educación en la región. »

imageCómo enfrentar los desafíos ambientales en América Latina
El proyecto COMET-LA (Gestión Comunitaria Participativa de los Desafíos Ambientales en Latinoamérica) avanza en el estudio de la gestión comunitaria como herramienta para luchar contra los retos medioambientales. El Comité Español de la UICN participa, junto a diez entidades europeas y latinoamericanas, en esta iniciativa financiada por el 7º Programa Marco de la UE. »

image Atelier de formation des pêcheurs sur l’environnement marin et tortues marines au port de M’diq, Maroc
Mr Mustapha Aksissou (Président de ATOMM et Professeur à l’Université Abdelmalek Essaâdi) a donné un exposé détaillé (en dialecte arabe) sur les océans et leur valeur, les tortues marines et leur importance. »

imagePlant for the future in Lagos, Nigeria
Young people are learning about nature through an advocacy programme of the Ministry of the Environment of Lagos State, with Nature Cares, an NGO run by CEC member Toyin Oshaniwa. »

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More News from CEC Members
imageCEC book discount for 'Searching for Resilience in Sustainable Development'
A discount is being offered on orders for a book by CEC members Daniella Tilbury and John Blewitt, with contributions from other CEC members. »

imageOpenNESS project launched for ecosystem services
The launch March 2013 in Helsinki follows-up on the PEER Research on Ecosystem Services (PRESS) project. »

imageDelta of Tigre management plan in Argentina
Fundación Humedales / Wetlands International Argentina develops communication and capacity building strategies to support the Parana Delta Wetlands. News from CEC member Marta Andelman. »

imageIUCN contributes to remediation of Niger Delta oil spill sites
An independent advisory panel on the Niger Delta (Nigeria) set up by the IUCN Business and Biodiversity programme had a workshop during the world conservation congress in Jeju. The host organisation for the workshop, which held on 11th September 2012 in the BEP pavilion, is the Nigerian Environmental Study Action Team (NEST), represented by Gloria Ujor, CEC member. »

image Elogio a la educación ambiental: Un homenaje en su NO día
Tomé prestado la esencia del título de un imprescindible artículo de Pablo Meira para hablar del porqué la educación ambiental. »

imageBlogging about waste management and more
CEC member Carlos Micilio of Argentina invites CEC members to consider his philosophical blog on the environment. »

imageRed alert: Sri Lanka's vanishing natural wealth
A public lecture titled ‘Red alert: Sri Lanka’s vanishing natural wealth’ given by CEC member Dr Sriyanie Miththapala under the aegis Tree Society of Sri Lanka hit home among the people who attended. There have been many requests for publication and dissemination of this lecture. »

imageIowa Politics and Conservation Meet
IUCN CEC Member and CEO of Pella Wildlife Company Ron DeArmond discuss funding for the Iowa Water and Land Legacy Act as well as funding for the Resource Enhancement and Protection Conservation Education Program with state law makers at the capital of Iowa, USA. »

imageImpacts of artisanal gold mining in Mozambique
The artisanal gold mining contributes to deforestation, wildfires and soil degradation. CEC member Tomas Muacanhia is working to mitigate the imact by communicating conservation measures. »

imageIIED publishes CEC member's research on media portrayals of pastoralists
Mike Shanahan of IIED shares a link to his report on media portrayals of pastoralists in Kenya, China and India, plus a link to weekly online IIED content. »

imageCuadernillo para el aula: Aprendiendo sobre la Gestión de los Residuos Sólidos Urbanos
El mismo ofrece una base teórica-práctica para el abordaje de la temática de residuos sólidos urbanos y sus implicancias. Esta enmarcado en la campaña de concientización “Pará, pensá, separá”, dentro del Plan Provincial para la Gestión Integral de Residuos Sólidos Urbanos, de la Comarca del Valle Inferior del río Chubut-Península Valdés. »

imageCentros Culturales Ambientales - Bolivia
La Fundación Amigos de la Naturaleza implementa centros culturales ambientales en 2 comunidades indígenas de la TCO Bajo Paraguá para realzar los valores culturales y ambientales del Parque Nacional Noel Kempff Mercado. »

imageLa Fundación Patagonia Natural distribuye su calendario 2013
La edición número 20 del calendario está dedicada a la Flora y Fauna de la Costa Argentina y se distribuye gratuitamente en escuelas e instituciones de la Patagonia Argentina y costa de Buenos Aires. »

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image¡Dejemos de ser espectadores!
El 22 de abril del 2013, será una fecha diferente, porque en Bolivia se está organizando una iniciativa que articula la comunicación, la educación y fomenta la participación ciudadana a favor del cuidado de la biodiversidad y el medio ambiente, en una iniciativa cultural denominada Festival Madre Tierra. »

imageInternational "Learning for the Future" Conference
An event for biodiversity and e-learning in Maastricht / Kerkrade, The Netherlands, 13-16 May May 2013, presented by the European RCE Alliance and the ENSI Network on ESD in the region. »

imageMarrakech 2013: The 7th World Environmental Education Congress
The June event will focus on the rural - urban relationship. »

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